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Munchkin Sammlerkoffer
Munchkin Sammlerkoffer
by Pegasus Spiele (2012)
Player Count
3 to 6

Player Ages

Playing Time
1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Expansion for Base-game
  • Fighting
  • Comic Book / Strip
  • Designers
  • Steve Jackson (I)
  • Mechanisms
  • Variable Player Powers
  • Hand Management
  • Dice Rolling
  • Artists
  • John Kovalic
  • Family
  • Munchkin
  • Cthulhu Mythos
  • Rating: 7.52/10 from 29 users


    Munchkin Sammlerkoffer is a metal briefcase designed to hold all of your Munchkin cards (until they make more), all of the Munchkin dice (until they make more), all of the bookmarks and rule books (until...), and all of the other extraneous Munchkin coins, pens and doodads tucked around your game room.

    Munchkin Sammlerkoffer, which succeeds the out-of-print and previously large enough Munchkin Sammlerbox, includes a Munchkin Kill-O-Meter for you, its owner, to keep track of your fighting level as well as 101 rare or brand new German-language Munchkin cards: 55 (of the 56) cards in Munchkin 7: More Good Cards, a selection of German promotional cards not previously available outside of fairs and conventions, the promotional cards from the German Munchkin Bites!-Halloween cooperation with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, all cards designed for the Munchkin Sammlerbox, and 13 new cards unique to the Sammerkoffer and illustrated by John Kovalic.

    As Munchkin Sammlerkoffer is a magic item – yes, really – it grants its owner a special ability in each Munchkin game.


    Unofficial Sammlerkoffer FAQ:

    (Courtesy of Clipper)

    This should encompass all the information a Munchkin fan wants to know about the box, its included cards and accessories and so on.

    What is the Sammlerkoffer?
    The Sammlerkoffer (translation: Collector's Case) is a product released by the German licensee of the Munchkin property, Pegasus Spiele. It is a metal suitcase-style box with a plastic insert that is perfect for holding the cards included in the Munchkin card games. It also comes with some German cards and a Kill-O-Meter.

    Where do I get the Sammlerkoffer?
    Pegasus Spiele's shop is the easiest way to order it. See the "Links" section for the link to the game page, which has a link to the shop page. The site is mostly in German, but there is a translation option at the top right that makes it easy enough to get through the ordering process without knowing any German (note that it will not translate the product description). Note that you will not pay during the checkout process. Instead, Pegasus Spiele will contact you (using English) and give you instructions on how to pay via either bank transfer or Paypal.

    How much does it cost?
    It costs 39,95 Euro plus an additional 15 Euro shipping to most locations (at least to the US and Australia, Europe might be less). Payment must be made by either International Bank Transfer or Paypal as specified in the previous question.

    What else do you get with it?
    There are 101 included cards with German text and backs for various sets. There is also a Kill-O-Meter. The Sammlerkoffer also has its own special rule.

    What is the Sammlerkoffer's special rule?
    If you are playing with cards that all come from a single Sammlerkoffer, the owner of the Sammlerkoffer may, once per game, take a card from either draw pile at any time that they are not in combat. If more than one person brings a Sammlerkoffer, then play with cards from the heavier Sammlerkoffer.

    Are the cards usable with English Munchkin sets?
    Some of them can be mixed into your existing sets, but the German backs for some cards are different from the original versions, so they would stand out.
    How many cards are there for each themed set?
    The breakdown is as follows:
    Munchkin: 45 Doors and 30 Treasures
    Super Munchkin: 1 Door and 1 Treasure
    Munchkin Bites!: 6 Doors and 1 Treasure
    Munchkin Cthulhu: 2 Doors and 4 Treasures
    The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin: 1 Treasure
    Star Munchkin: 3 Doors and 1 Treasure
    Munchkin Booty: 2 Doors and 1 Treasure
    Munchkin Fu: 3 Doors

    Can sleeved cards fit into the Sammlerkoffer?
    Some can, but it is a tight fit. The 56mm x 87mm standard sleeves from Mayday just fit inside the box. Nobody has reported yet whether the premium version of the sleeves or if other types of sleeves fit or not. Note that the sleeved cards do take up more room, so you will get about 25% less cards in the box.

    How many cards fit inside the Sammlerkoffer?
    By my estimate, approximately 4,000 unsleeved cards or 3,000 sleeved cards can fit if you pack them tightly. This is not counting the areas set aside for rules, dice and Dungeon cards.

    How are the card areas arranged?
    The plastic base of the Sammlerkoffer includes spaces for various decks and expansions. The included insert suggests putting each core set and expansion in a different slot, but as the ratio of decks to expansions is approximately equivalent to the ratio between Doors and Treasures, it is possible to use a pair of slots (one large, one medium) for the Doors and Treasures of sets with one 112 card expansion or two 56 card expansions, which is perfect for most of the Munchkin themes. The number of slots and approximate number of unsleeved cards that each slot can hold are as follows:
    • 11 slots for core sets or Doors of an expanded set fitting about 190 cards each.
    • 12 slots for 112 card expansions or Treasures of an expanded set fitting about 125 cards each.
    • 6 slots for Boosters and Promo cards fitting about 60 cards each.
    • 4 slots for Dungeon cards fitting about 40 Dungeon cards each.
    • 1 slot for storing rules, dice, bookmarks, Kill-O-Meters, pawns and whatever else you want to store.

    Is the Kill-O-Meter the same as the Steve Jackson Games version?
    Not quite. It features the same art, but it uses different card stock.

    What icons are on the cards?
    All 101 cards have an icon for the Sammlerkoffer. In addition, 55 of the cards have the More Good Cards icon, one card has the Kill-O-Meter icon, and one card has the Crazed Caverns icon.

    What are the translations of the included cards?
    We do not provide a translation of the cards here. That being said, all but 18 of the cards have already been translated or have equivalent cards in English (see the "Community Wiki" section, below, for hints on where to look).

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