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Monster Healer Solo IIDX
Monster Healer Solo IIDX
by (Web published) (2020)
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  • Alexander Shen
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    In the past monster hunters were needed to control the outbreak of certain monsters in the area or ones that cause direct danger to our local communities, but these needs have decreased and have no longer been an issue for a very long time. Instead, there has been a recent increase of rogue monster hunters running around in the wildlands, slaying them for no reason other than for sport. It is my job to save these innocent monsters, bring them back to health, and reunite them with their packs. It requires luck. It requires traps constructed from what nature can provide to subdue the monsters for treatment. It’s a dangerous job, but it needs to be done.

    Monster Healer Solo IIDX is a print-and-play dice game that has you doing your best to subdue a hurt monster so you can perform your doctorly duties to save it. Two monsters included in this version!

    Basic Gameplay

    You roll your trap dice and assign them to the traps required to stop the monster. When the monster takes its action, it may do damage to you (saving monsters is a tough business) or even shake off the traps.

    Full Rules


    Print out the Monster Healer Solo IIDX Demo game sheet.
    Give yourself 5x 6-sided dice and place in the Unused Dice pool
    Give yourself 3x Life Tokens
    Give the monster 1x 6-sided die
    Player goes first

    Refresh Dice
    Player Actions (2)
    Monster Action
    Refresh Dice

    Move all dice from the Used Dice pool to the Unused Dice pool.

    Player Action

    Player chooses to perform any two of these actions (player may choose to do the same action twice):

    Roll Any Unused Dice
    Player may reroll any number of dice from the Unused Dice in their dice pool.
    Remove Trap (1)
    Player removes a single Trap die from the monster and adds it to the Used Dice pool.
    Assign Trap (1)
    Player assigns a single Trap die from the Unused Dice pool and adds it to an open matching Trap space on the monster.
    Use a Player Power
    Player selects all required dice from the Unused Dice pool to use a power. Place these dice into the Used Dice pool.
    Monster Action

    Roll 1d6 for the monster.
    Perform the action associated with the result on the monster card.
    Game End

    The game ends as soon as the player has lost all of their Life Tokens or if all the Trap spaces on the monster card are filled.

    —description from the designer

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