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Things From Another World
Puzzle Master
by Herder Spiele (1987)
Player Count
2 to 8

Player Ages

Playing Time
1 hour
  • Stefanie Rohner
  • Christian Wolf
  • Mechanisms
  • Cooperative Play
  • Storytelling
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    extrapolated from English rules:

    A co-operative game for two to six players twelve years old or more.


    A board in two parts
    Two colored wooden pieces (Momo and the tortoise Kassiopeia)
    12 colored wooden discs (the hour flowers)
    84 hexagonal cards and 4 spare cards
    - top side : dream pictures or question marks
    - under side: green or grey

    One day the children notice that people have less and less time. Momo finds out that spooky 'grey men' are tempting people to bring them their time to save it in a time savings bank. In fact they are stealing their time. The more time they save, the colder, sadder, more hurried and poor their existence becomes.

    Finally with the help of a wonder flower and Master Hora's advice, Momo and Kassiopeia the tortoise, try to beat the grey men and give the people back their time.

    Momo and Kassiopeia must find the way to Master Hora and meet each other at the gate to the never-alley.
    But how? Momo has a dream. She sees a picture which shows the way. Kassiopeia also has a dream. It is as if she goes along a dream street and after a long time meets Momo at the gate to the never-alley.

    First, the players split into two groups.
    One group takes the yellow Momo figure, all the cards with the yellow edges and one half of the board.
    The other group takes the brown Kassiopeia figure, all the cards with brown edges and the other half of the board.
    The two groups don't play against each other, but with one and other. Each group respects the other and doesn’t make things too difficult or too easy.

    The start of the game

    The two groups sit apart from each other so that they cannot see the other half of the board, preferably on two separate tables.

    Each group sorts their cards. The green cards and the grey cards are separated. At first only the green cards are used, as well as the Gigi and Beppo cards.

    Each Group now lays a selected card, with a dream picture showing, on a space on the board. But not on one of the three approaches to the never-alley. This card is the start square. Momo and Kassiopeia are placed here on their respective boards.

    For the first game the path should not be more than ten cards long. See the illustration.

    The story telling begins

    In turn each group tells the other a story, involving the dream pictures on the chosen path. For each question mark on the path, the group thinks up their own imaginary picture.
    The other group listens carefully and tries to remember the story.

    After the two stories have been told, the grey cards are placed on the empty squares of the board (colored pictures face up). The whole board is now full of dream pictures and question marks, and the original path is no longer clear.

    The two groups come together and put the two halves of the board together. Each group now positions itself by the other half of the board and will soon move the figure which goes with that half.

    Momo and Kassiopeia run through the city

    At last Momo and Kassiopeia set off. Each group moves their figure in turn onto an adjacent space. It is important that all the players should participate by recalling the story they heard and they should all agree which space the figure should move to.
    Before either Momo or Kassiopeia are placed on a new card, the card is turned over. If the underside is green the card remains turned and the figure steps onto it. But if it is grey, the world ,once again, becomes a little colder, and an hour flower is taken to the time-store of the grey men. Master Hora's flower is left until last.
    Momo and Kassiopeia may not step on the grey cards.

    Gigi and Beppo help Momo and Kassiopeia. If a group finds one of the friends, this group may expose any chosen card. In this case no flower need be given up if the chosen card is grey.

    When Momo or Kassiopeia reach the gate to the never-alley, they wait there for each other and go together to Master Hora. Master Hora gives them his flower and so Momo and Kassiopeia free all the captured flowers. The flowers are given back to the people. Together you have won the game. If Master Hora has to give up his flower to the grey men no more can be done. Momo and Kassiopeia, together, have lost the game.

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