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Mint Tin Aliens
Mint Tin Aliens
by subQuark, LLC (2014)
Player Count

Player Ages

Playing Time
5 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Science Fiction
  • Designers
  • David Rene Miller
  • Kate Beckett
  • Mechanisms
  • Card Drafting
  • Artists
  • David Rene Miller
  • Family
  • Mint Tin
  • Player Count: Two Player Only Games
  • Rating: 7.59/10 from 185 users


    Getting ahead in life often means learning new things and taking on new projects, the Fearless Alien Recruits in Training Program is just what you need.

    You go head-to-head against another eager recruit and work hard to earn Merit Awards in what might determine who the next Invasion Leader is. And where does this program take place? Earth, of course!

    Show your proficiency with map reading and get to Earth, demonstrate your maneuvering skills by creating crop circles, prove your mastery of advance technology with the abduct-o-tron, and show that you can bend humans to your will with remote mind control!

    Don’t miss an assignment or you’ll lose points. But you can make up points by doing extra credit. Even get a bonus for completing one of each Merit Award first!

    Game Rules:

    Fearless Aliens Recruits in Training! Earn merit awards on Earth!


    Shuffle playing cards and deal, face-down, 4 to the first player and 5 to the second. Each player takes a dice with 9 facing up.

    Place 5 playing cards face-up in a row and place remaining cards face-down in a pile.

    1. First player starts with a card draw. Players have 3 choices for drawing cards:
    a. 2 face-down cards
    b. 2 face-up cards
    c. 1 face-up and 1 face-down card

    Face-down moolti-pass cards count as one draw, BUT, face-up moolti-pass counts as BOTH draws. Moolti-pass are wild and can be used as any card(s).

    Immediately replace drawn face-up card with a card from the face-down pile.

    2. Complete an award, if possible, using cards in hand.

    Only 1 award per turn:
    • 2 UFO cards for sightings
    • 2 crop circle cards for we're here
    • 3 cows for abduction
    • 4 brains for mind control

    any matching pair for extra credit

    Discard played cards into a face-up pile.

    3. If completed, take and flip merit award card and place on your side. If you can't complete a merit award, turn your dice down one number (9 to 8 to 7...).

    4. Next player’s turn.

    First to complete 1 each of "sightings", "we're here", "abduction", and "mind control" gets 2 meeples. Second to complete gets 1 meeple.

    If needed, reshuffle discarded face-up cards to continue until all merit awards and extra-credit are completed.

    If ALL face-up cards relate to awards that have all been claimed, discard ALL face-up cards and replace from face-down cards.


    Count your award points, add to that the number of award/extra-credit cards you have, plus 1 point per meeple, plus number on your saucer dice. Highest points win!

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