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Micro Melee
Micro Melee
by Britton Publishers (2006)
Player Count
2 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
2 hours to 8 hours
  • Wargame
  • Miniatures
  • World War II
  • Book
  • Designers
  • Ben Lacy
  • Mechanisms
  • Chit-Pull System
  • Simulation
  • Dice Rolling
  • Measurement Movement
  • Line of Sight
  • Rating: 4/10 from 1 users


    Micro Melee is a rules system for recreating company level engagements of WWII.

    Although the basis for these rules is the Company, it all begins with the infantry squad.

    Each squad is rated according to the volume of fire it can generate. This rating is known as the fire power factor.

    The rules use a chit-based activation system, in which each chit represents ten seconds of worthwhile combat time.
    The ensuing game-play is known as an action phase, and it includes identification, movement and combat for all activated units.

    The game represents a snapshot of the most important moments, and is in no way intended to chronicle an entire engagement.

    Micro Melee offers a tactical challenge that is rarely
    experienced on a gaming table.
    It is written for 6-15mm miniatures, using a 1:1 ground scale.
    This has been the hallmark of Britton Publishers' four rule sets.

    —description from the publisher

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