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Puzzle Master
Things From Another World
by Alga (2001)
Player Count
3 to 5

Player Ages

Playing Time
1 hour
  • Trivia
  • Puzzle
  • Music
  • Humor
  • Designers
  • Diggin Entertainment AB
  • Mechanisms
  • Set Collection
  • Dice Rolling
  • Artists
  • Bingo Rimér
  • Rating: 3.17/10 from 3 users


    A party game to promote the swedish-finnish rapper Markoolio (Marko Lehtosalo), this is essentially a pot pourri of simple, small partygames. Each player is dealt a 12-piece puzzle (which is a "signed" photograph of Markoolio) which is simply used to keep track of points; the first player to complete their puzzle wins. By rolling two six-sided dice, players move around the square track board to hit event spaces which are either one of the sub-games or an immediate event (lose a turn, lose or gain a point etc.)

    The main sub-games are:

    Studio: Played with a deck of cards. Another player reads one of three rap rhymes on each card, player in turn must know/guess if Markoolio has rhymed right or not. (These may be based on actual Markoolio rhymes?)

    Scen: Played with a deck of cards. Charades with two levels of difficulty to choose from, for 1-2 points. Correct guess also earns a point.

    Press: Played with a deck of cards. Simple general trivia, choose randomly from 5 questions on each card.

    Arga Leken: ("The Angry Game") Choose a fellow player to stare at while both try to look angry. First one to laugh loses.

    Tärnings Duellen: ("The Dice Duel") Play simplified Blackjack against a fellow player with the two dice.

    Finsk Bingo: ("The Finnish Bingo") Deal the 9 cards with values 1, 2 and 3 face-down on a 3x3 grid, then reveal, hoping to get 3-in-a-rows. (The numbers are also spelled out in finnish on the card, otherwise there is nothing particularly "finnish" about this)

    Hitta Jokern: ("Find the Joker") A more random version of the Shell Game; shuffle the three joker cards, only one of which is actually a joker, deal them out face-down in front of you and try to guess which one is the joker.

    Mät Publikens Jubel: Spin the spinner to see how your concert went; lose or gain a point, or nothing happens.

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