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Lions Go
Lions Go
by Lite Lion Europe (2019)
Player Count
2 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
10 minutes to 45 minutes
  • Animals
  • Educational
  • Math
  • Designers
  • Esa Honkaneva
  • Mechanisms
  • Acting
  • Artists
  • Esa Honkaneva
  • Family
  • Lite Lion Board Games
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    Lions Go! Help Lion Cubs to reach Home Cave safely
    - just a traditional diced board game, but played without dice with fingers. Don´t need to count steps, but vice a versa the target numbers are printed on the board.
    - large, rollable gaming mat, suitable to play on the table or ground
    - waterproof, easy-care and durable gaming mat
    - new way to play, no necessary to throw a dice
    - variety of gaming mats and sizes available
    - family-friendly, travel friendly
    - begin to play within 30 seconds!

    The Lion Cubs are travelling home. Get them safely to their Home Cave. There are a lot of dangerous places on the route and the small lions may have to begin their journey from the Start again.
    It offers lots of fun for any age players, possibilities to develop new skills in mathematics and tactics, yet is enough simple for any member of family. Youngest players can be helped and conducted a bit to keep on the route.
    The package includes:
    - Gaming mat, anti-slip bottomed polyester fabric (OEKO Certified)
    - 4 x 4 pcs Lion Cubs,lion-shaped wooden pawns (4 sets in different colors)
    Packed into Lions Go tube case 77 x ø 8 cm

    The idea…
    Lions Go board game is played just like a traditional diced board game. But without a dice. Four Lion cubs have to reach their home cave. The route goes around the playground and along the path to the cave. The cubs can be moved one by one or simultaneously along the route. If Lions of two players stop in the same spot, the one who was their earlier, has to come back to the Start (this rule can be skipped also). The first player who gets all four Lion Cubs to the Cave (Finish) is the winner.
    The Route…
    Roll open the Lite Lion Games “Lions Go” child-friendly gaming mat. The Players choose the color of Lion Cubs they would like to play. Each Player gets four same color tokens and place them to own Start edge. The initial Player can be chosen in any suitable way, e.g. throwing a dime. Other Players have one extra turn in the end of the game if the initial Players finishes the first.

    The Player moves the tokens along the route according to the number granted. The number is determined by random amount counted on fingers of two Players at once (e.g. the Players whose turn in coming and previous/next Player): the hand is hidden behind the back or under the table and when released, the amount can be counted on fingers as shown. The gross number is the spot to mover to. If both Players show same number, the token can move one space forward. If both Players show zero, the token can be moved to the random space in-between numbers 1-8 ahead, which is the first on the route.

    One Lion Cub in the Spot:
    If the other Player has to move their token to the spot, which is already occupied, the previous Player has to move their token to the Start. If there is Players own token in the Spot, the Player has to move other of own four tokens. If it is not possible, no move happens.

    Arriving to Finish:
    When arriving to the path leading to the Cave, only numbers 1,4 and 7 gives the opportunity to move to the Cave.

    And the Winner is:
    The game is over when one of the Players gets all the Lion Cubs safely to the Cave. The game can finish as a draw match, if the beginner was the fastest and next player finishes straight after next move.

    —description from the publisher

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