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Legends of Rome
Legends of Rome
by Warp Spawn Games (2011)
Player Count
2 to 6
  • Card Game
  • Ancient
  • Designers
  • Lloyd Krassner
  • Family
  • Ancient Rome
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    A card game for 2-6 Players themed around the History of Rome from its earliest Origins to the Fall of the West. Each player in turn takes control of the History of Rome.

    There are 6 decks representing 6 consecutive ages, each played in turn:
    1. Early Rome
    2. Early Republic
    3. Middle Republic
    4. Late Republic
    5. Empire
    6. Decline
    Cards are of 11 different types: Leader, Threat, Conquest, Politics, Culture, Build, Religion, Disaster, Defect, Origin and Battle.

    Players share common sets of Gold Coins, Ambition Tokens, Legion Markers, Fate Tokens, Faction Tokens, Threat Markers, Victory Tokens and Power Tokens.

    Players take turns with each turn comprising 19 Phases:

    - Destiny Phase. Gain 1 Fate Token.
    - Fate Phase. Flip over the top 2 cards from the current deck and place them face-up in their respective available card piles. If a card is an action card, place it in your hand.
    - Ambition Phase. Gain 2 ambition tokens.
    - Taxes Phase. Gain 1D6 gold plus 1 gold per conquest card you control.
    - Disaster Phase. If there is a major disaster card available cause a target player to roll 3 times on the disaster table. If there is a Defect card available cause a target player to roll once on the disaster table.
    - Leader Phase. If a Leader card is available you may take it for 1 Fate token.
    - Senate Phase. Discard a Politics card to gain one of a range of benefits.

    - Legion Phase. Pay 1 gold per Legion you control. You may raise extra Legions for 4 Gold each.
    - Threat Phase. If there is a card in the Threat pile roll 1D6 and resolve.
    - Conquest Phase. If there are no cards in the Threat pile and there are one or more cards in the Conquest pile you may go conquering by paying 1 ambition token and 1 gold coin to attack one target conquest card in the conquest pile.
    - Politics Phase. If there are any Politics cards available, you may take all of them for 1 fate token.
    - Power Phase. If you have a Leader that is not already in power, you may have him attempt to seize power by spending 3 ambition tokens and rolling 1D6 against a table and resolving.
    - Build Phase. If there are any Build cards available, you may purchase them for 1 ambition token and 4 gold each. Immediately gain 5VP.
    - Religion Phase. If there are any Religion cards available, you may buy them for 1 gold each. Immediately gain 2 VP for each.
    - Culture Phase. If there are any Culture or Origin cards available, you may buy them for 1 fate token each. Immediately gain 1 VP for each Culture card and 3 VP for each Origin card.
    - Games Phase. Spend 1 gold to roll on the games table and gain corresponding benefits.
    - Scoring Phase. Any player who has a Leader with a Power Token gets 1 VP and 1 Gold. The Player with the most Religion cards gets 1 VP.
    - Corruption Phase. Discard Gold, Ambition, Legions, Fate and action cards down to their maximum permissible levels.
    - End Phase. Roll 1D6 for each of your Leaders. On a roll of 6 a Leader is discarded.

    An Age Ends when a turn starts and there are no cards left in the deck. All Leader and Origin cards controlled by players are discarded. All Available cards are discarded.
    Each player scores 1 VP for each Build card they control. The Player with the most Culture cards gets 10 VP. The Player with the least Culture cards loses 5 VP.
    Break out the deck for the next Age.

    The game ends after the 6th Deck is used up.
    Final scoring takes place and the player with the most Victory Points wins.

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