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Things From Another World
Puzzle Master
by Swan Panasia Co., Ltd., Stragoo Games (2016)
Player Count
2 to 5

Player Ages

Playing Time
10 minutes to 15 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Memory
  • Designers
  • Maureen Hiron
  • Mechanisms
  • Speed Matching
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    Each player starts the game with 10 tokens, each of which has a different symbol on it. They must be kept face down. Players take turns flipping over one card in the center of the table and each card displays only 8 of the 10 symbols shown on token. Players simultaneously study the card to figure out which two symbols are missing. When a player figures one out, she places their token with the missing symbol face down in front of them. She does the same when she does the same when figure out the second one and shouts "Keetoo!"

    Then she must flip her remaining 8 tokens face down while the other players keep searching for the missing symbols. When she is done flipping tokens face down, she yells, "Stop!" AT this point, she reveals her tokens showing symbols she believes are missing from the card and all players inspect them. If she is correct, she receives two points. If one or both are wrong, she receives nothing and all other other players receive one point for each correct token they have identified.

    The winner is the first player to receive a designated number of points dependent on the number of players.

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