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Kampf gegen das Spiessertum: Travel Edition
Kampf gegen das Spiessertum: Travel Edition
by Kampfhummel Spiele GmbH (2021)
Player Count
3 to 10

Player Ages

Playing Time
30 minutes to 8 hours, 20 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Party Game
  • Humor
  • Mature / Adult
  • Designers
  • Angela Vögtli
  • Mechanisms
  • Simultaneous Action Selection
  • Hand Management
  • Player Judge
  • Family
  • Judging Games
  • Rating: 0/10 from 0 users


    "A party game for horrible German people"

    Play begins with a judge, known as the "Round Boss", choosing a red fill-in-the-blank card from the top of the deck and showing it to all players. Each player holds a hand of eight white answer cards at the beginning of each round, and passes a card (sometimes more) to the round boss, face-down, representing their answer to the question on the card. The round boss determines which answer card(s) are funniest in the context of the fill-in-the-blank card. The player who submitted the chosen card(s) is given the question card to represent a point, and then the player to the left of the Round Boss becomes the new Boss for the next round. Play continues until the players agree to stop, or until they are thrown out of the pub, at which point the player with the most Points is the winner.

    Kampf gegen das Spießertum: Travel Edition contains 400 brand-new Cards. 100 yellow and 300 white cards are enough to play with friends. Or mix it together with Kampf gegen das Spießertum and/or the expansions.

    It features all new cards with German celebrities, places and topics of interest.

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