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Jetzt mal ehrlich
by Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (2010)
Player Count
3 to 1
  • Party Game
  • Educational
  • Designers
  • Bernhard Weber
  • Artists
  • Leitwerk
  • Charlotte Cassel
  • Cornelia Pistorius
  • Katharina Plass
  • Anna Tertel
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    A German card-based game intended for teaching teenagers about society/ethics/sociopolitical issues. The cards can also be used as a starting point for discussion.

    The game centers around questions like "What would you do if you wanted to get home from a party at night and the driver is drunk?" or "What would you do if a friend tells you he is homosexual?"

    The game confronts you with 60 tricky situations from the area of politics, ethics and society. There is one card for each situation. The front side introduces the situation and the back describes three possible reactions to the situation. Players decide how they would react and try to guess what others would do. If you know the other players well, you earn points.

    There are three variants for playing the game:

    1) In the most basic variant, one player reads one of the reactions from the back of a card. The other players try to guess what the situation is by asking yes/no questions. The player who first guesses the situation wins the card. The game ends when each player has been the "reader" once or twice. The player with the most cards wins the game.
    Suggested minimum number of players: 3

    2) One player reads a situation and the three reactions from the back of the card. All players (including the reader, R) guess how R would most likely react. They write down the letter assigned to this reaction on a slip of paper. Before the players hand in their guesses, R chooses three players of which he/she thinks that they've guessed correctly. The chosen players show their guesses and R shows his/her answer. For each matching answer R gets one point, the chosen players get 2 points if they've guessed correctly. Now all the other guesses are collected and counted. All other players (i.e. everyone except R and the 3 chosen players) get one point if the majority has guessed correctly. Then the next player becomes R. The game ends when each player has been R once. The player with the most points wins the game.
    Suggested minimum number of players: 8

    3) A situation and the three reactions are read. Each player decides how he/she would react and writes down the corresponding letter on a slip of paper. The answers are handed in. Now each player guesses how many people have chosen answers A, B and C. They right the numbers down in a table. Then the answers are counted. Players get 3 points for a correct guess, one points if their guess is off by one.
    The game ends after 14 situations. The player with the most points wins the game.
    Suggested minimum number of players: 4

    Example situation:
    Situation: "The party is over. We've all been drinking. This is particularly obvious in the person who was intended to be the driver. He gets behind the wheel. It's a 20-minutes' drive. There is no bus that late at night and we want to get home fast.
    Possible reactions: "A: I ask the driver if he's confident he can do it. If he says yes, I'll go with him this one time. After all, it isn't far and we can take back roads."
    "B: We judge who's most likely to be capable of driving and decide on a driver that way."
    "C: Under no circumstances am I going to drive or take a ride with a drunken driver. We'll have to call a taxi and collect the car later."

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