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Iron Warriors
Iron Warriors
by Riachuelo Games, Brinquedos Toia (2009)
Player Count
2 to 6

Player Ages

Playing Time
1 hour
  • Science Fiction
  • Wargame
  • Miniatures
  • World War II
  • Designers
  • Antonio Marcelo
  • Flavio Jandorno
  • Mechanisms
  • Campaign / Battle Card Driven
  • Simulation
  • Artists
  • Matt Carr
  • Rodrigo Marini
  • Diego Madia
  • Luis Francisco
  • Marco Festa
  • Marcelo Bissoli
  • Rating: 7.75/10 from 2 users


    The game was designed by Antonio Marcelo. It´s a wargame about alternative World War II, with bloody battlefields, zombie soldiers, giant robots, hybrid human/gorilla soldiers, and so much !

    The core module comes with two maps, counters (for Russian and German army) and a rulebook. This game is a tribute to the old and classic Dwarfstar Microgames and Metagaming Games.

    A Little Part of History

    On the 16th of November of 1943, near the districts of Varena, a wood area in Lithuania, there was a fact that definitely changed the course of World War II. A small garrison from Wermacht taking care of that region lived idyllically, in spite of rumors about the defeat in Stalingrado and Kursk have been already heard by higher officers. Rumors about Russian victories and withdrawal of army were public. It was about 3 o’clock in the morning when the small garrison led by Sergeant Joseph Blummer was woke up by a loud hiss, followed by a large explosion. Everyone thought it was an artillery attack, or even worse, the Russians were invading the country. An alert was issued and 12 men armed themselves as they could and prepared to fight. After tense 30 minutes, only the silence was left, and a gleam from a burning wood was visible. The sergeant quickly got 5 men to follow him in a half track car to see what was happening. They went and were shocked to the spot and a surrealist scene: a vehicle in a shape of a disk, intact, but half buried in the ground due to the impact. The men immediately surrounded the place and sent a radio message to the garrison; they thought it was an experimental German aircraft, since the Fuhrer said new fantastic weapons would come from the Reich labs to the war effort.

    Less than 3 hours later, 4 Ju-52 landed carrying SS elite troops, with Himmler himself! The men were both frightened and amazed, because the discovery they made was very important. By 8 A.M., there were over 500 SS soldiers, who arrived by land, beginning to investigate the vehicle. By 11 A.M., Von Braum himself had arrived with his team and they prepared to move the strange vehicle. Joseph and his men were removed from the place, transferred to Berlin, where they were received honors; a distinction from Hitler himself was being promised. What the soldiers didn’t know, however, is that Germany had received a gift that would change the course of war.

    Armies of the Game

    • Germans : Led by Adolf Hitler, spreads the terror worldwide. Using powerful weapons and bio-soldiers, they stand as the most feared army at war.
    • Soviets : Biggest enemies to the Germans in Europe. Leaded by Joseph Stalin , they are the arch-enemies of the Nazis.
    • Anglo-Americans : The gathering of armies by the U.S.A , England and all the others ally countries. A lot of bio soldiers and outstanding weaponry.
    • Nazi Mekas is originally a microgame for two players developed for the MDC III (Microgame Design Contest III), organized by Tom Higgins at boardgames Forum Boardgame Design.


    This game doesn’t support Nazism, any other totalitarian political regime, or any human rights oppression. We want to remember that our goal is to show the new generations that war is one of the worst madness of mankind, and Nazism, above all, was an aberration and craziness from disturbed minds, who decided to finish the freedom and parity of men. A madman achieved the power in a big country in Europe and plunged the world in a nightmare for 5 years, resulting in the holocaust and onslaught of more than 50 million human lives. We loathe this political regime and reject everything it has done to Jews, gypsies, citizens and millions of soldiers from many countries, including Germany itself, who lost their lives to end this nightmare.

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