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I'm Not a Human
I'm Not a Human
by Hobby World (2022)
Player Count
3 to 8

Player Ages

Playing Time
30 minutes
  • Bluffing
  • Party Game
  • Deduction
  • Humor
  • Spies/Secret Agents
  • Designers
  • Alexandr Ushan
  • Mechanisms
  • Voting
  • Acting
  • Targeted Clues
  • Roles with Asymmetric Information
  • Communication Limits
  • Artists
  • Kristina Soozar
  • Family
  • Admin: Unreleased Games
  • Robots
  • One versus Many
  • Rating: 6.5/10 from 4 users


    I’m not a human is a fast-paced game where the AI-generated artwork meets the human ingenuity. One of you takes on the role of a human pretending to be a robot in the world of AI supremacy. Relying on other players’ associations they try to find the image password for the secret AI site… And even if the human is at a loss they still can outsmart the robots and win!
    Before the game players lay down pictures in a 3X3 grid and give each card a number plate from 1 to 9. Then they choose one random bag with cards and deal them to everyone according to the rules.
    One player may become human and all other robots will know what picture is the correct one.
    One by one robot players name their associations to show other players that they are robot and to confuse the human. Human tries to pass of as a robot.
    When all players named their associations human may try to guess the correct picture. If he is not doing that all players explain their associations and vote on who's the human.

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