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Gundalow Kids
Gundalow Kids
by Ebb Tide Games (2022)
Player Count
2 to 6

Player Ages

Playing Time
45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Economic
  • Designers
  • Kevin Trainer
  • Mechanisms
  • Pick-up and Deliver
  • Trading
  • Dice Rolling
  • Events
  • ECO-03 Market
  • Artists
  • Kevin Trainer
  • Family
  • States: New Hampshire
  • Rating: 0/10 from 0 users


    Get ready to set sail!

    Gundalow Kids is a simpler (but no less enjoyable) version of the Gundalow board game. Kids and parents will sail back into historical New England as captains of their own gundalows - flat-bottomed sailboats historically used for transporting cargo.

    Players start the game in one of six towns in the Seacoast region near Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Each town has its own unique market of available and wanted goods, drawn from a deck of market cards. Players load goods onto their gundalows and then roll a die to sail to other towns. Event cards come into play when players land on the event squares on the game board. Event cards offer new challenges, opportunities, and rewards to players, as well as potential changes to the town markets.

    Players earn money by successfully delivering goods to the towns before the other players. Exotic goods, such as spices and cotton, are worth more than locally-produced goods, but players need to make the long journey downriver to Portsmouth to access the more valuable commodities.

    The objective of the game is for the players to deliver the goods needed by each town, and the game will end when each of the wanted goods spaces in the town markets is filled. The player who earns the most money wins the game!

    For advanced players, the game also includes variants, including an option that provides honorary titles to the players who deliver the most of each good. With the rich variety of market and event cards, each game of Gundalow Kids is unique. The game provides an enjoyable window into the rich history of the Seacoast region.

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