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Ghost Star
by Wreak Havoc
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Playing Time
30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Card Game
  • Science Fiction
  • Dice
  • Exploration
  • Adventure
  • Horror
  • Designers
  • Pete North
  • Mechanisms
  • Role Playing
  • Artists
  • Brendon liang
  • Family
  • Solitaire Games
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    All you have is a sound mind as you face-off against a mysterious Entity aboard a labyrinth-like space station. Survive an early emotional onslaught and later an assault on your disciplines as you search for doors into the entity’s psyche. Traverse three progressively challenging sectors in your hunt for the final sector and Ruling Entity.
    Ghost Star gives you control of a highly disciplined mind, access to an incredibly vast labyrinth and a cunning, unpredictable enemy.
    Ghost Star provides the framework and context for your imagination, the story ultimately plays out in your mind.

    Captain Meghan Ohtani
    You play the mind of one incredible human being. Probably the best representative of humanity for this type of challenge.

    Exploring the Labyrinth
    Players traverse the station by choosing main navigation cards (North, South, East and West). Each card describes what you experience and displays the available content and exits. There are also Missions posted in secondary navigation (North East, South East, North West and South West). Each mission rewards greatly for success. As you explore you will be haunted by flashing images, scenes and entities that will attack your emotions to get in your head and pick you apart. Or assault your disciplines to cripple your offense or drive you mad. There are 3 levels/sectors of Sentinel Entities and each level has 5 options. There are 5 possible Ruling Entities that have a main attribute card and 4 possible sub-traits. You reveal the Ruling Entity and sub-traits randomly during game play. These sub-traits add unique abilities to the Ruling Entities.

    You will use Telepathic Strikes to "Unravel" Entities using combinations of scenes, imagery, emotions and disciplines. Keeping the mind “sound”/"balanced" is critical for success.

    Memory is access to past experience. Every action requires Memory and when an Emotional Defense is depleted you lose 1 Memory for every turn it stays at 0. You can spend Critical Thinking to increase Memory. If you run out of Memory your Mind is separated from your Psyche which is a fate worse than physical death.

    Weapons of a Sound Mind
    Critical Thinking
    Critical Thinking accesses your sub-conscious allowing you to perform multiple actions while only spending 1 Memory point.

    All Entities aboard the ship despise Empathy because their psyches are based in conceit. The thought of anything trying to understand and sympathize with them lights the furnace of their emotions. Stronger Entities require Empathy to unravel them and the strongest require Empathy and other support to Unravel of them.

    Informed Decisions
    The Captain is rewarded with Informed Decision making after successfully defeating Entities. Informed Decisions can be used to increase any of the other attributes including Memory.

    Under such incredibly crushing circumstances it takes a lot of reasoning to make it through this labyrinth. Reason is required to unravel all Entities.

    Scales of Discipline
    We all know what happens when we are too quick to judge and act on it. It usually ends up bad. Manage your Judgment because if it gets to 0, you can no longer use Critical Thinking.

    It is important to confide in your conscience, don’t let the Entities disconnect your mind form your conscience or you are nothing but a serial killer and become an Entity yourself.

    One of Man’s greatest weaknesses; being pulled towards the ideology of the Tribe. It is easy to lose perspective under such an overwhelming circumstances and submit to pounding of the tribal drums. If your Tribalism hits 0 you can no longer use Reason.

    Emotional Defenses
    Fear, Sorrow and Anger
    Your enemies attack your most triggering emotions: Fear, Sorrow and Anger. The goal is to get them to 0 causing you to lose Memory every turn.

    How to win
    Keep your mind Sound through 3 progressively challenging Sectors of Sentinel Entities and Unravel the Ruling Entity in the 4rth Sector. Ruling Entities are randomly selected and strengthened by your decisions along the way.

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