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Gameshop Shelf Stock
Gameshop Shelf Stock
by Air and Nothingness Press (2019)
Player Count
1 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
10 minutes to 15 minutes
  • Dice
  • Print & Play
  • Designers
  • Todd Sanders
  • Mechanisms
  • Paper-and-Pencil
  • Dice Rolling
  • Artists
  • Todd Sanders
  • Family
  • Roll-and-write
  • Gameshop Games
  • Rating: 6.5/10 from 2 users


    This is the 9th in a series of Annual Games Unlimited Holiday Games and is the followup to Gameshop Express (2011), Gameshop Workday (2012), Gameshop Gladiators (2013), Gameshop Adventurers (2014), Gameshop Expansions (2015), and Gameshop Collector (2016, Gameshop Mirrorverse (2017), Gameshop Go First! (2018).

    Help stalwart employee Candra stock the shelves with the new shipment of games. This is a roll and write style game

    To Win: Highest scoring player is the winner.

    Setup: Give each player one game board sheet and a pencil. One player is then designated as ‘Shipment Delivery Person’ and takes the three dice, rolling and setting them within reach of all players.

    Play: Each player simultaneously chooses values on 2 of the 3 dice for use on their 4x4 game board grid of shelving. One die value will be used for the ‘type’ of game (letters W E R C S) and one other die value for the ‘size’ of the game box (numbers 1-5). Players write down a type/size pair in one of the shelf sections of the game board (ex. W4 or R1).

    The ‘SDP’ then rolls the dice again and players write down a new type/size pair using the new die values. The game is over after 12 of the 16 shelving spaces have been filled on the game board.

    Reroll all dice if 2 or more 6s are rolled during a turn.

    Using rolls of 6:
    During a player’s turn, they may use the actions of a helper if a single 6 is rolled by the ‘SDP’. A maximum of 4 helper actions can be used by any player. Cross off a box each time an action is used. All actions only affect that player’s own use of the die values.

    Scoring after 12 spaces are filled in:
    • Score for a single run (i.e. a straight) of 3 orthogonally adjacent game box sizes in ascending/descending numerical order (ex. 1, 2, 3, or 4, 3, 2, not 4, 2, 3), regardless of type, by adding up the total of all game box sizes as a final number within a row or column.

    • Score for an individual set of 3 games of the same matching type (regardless of size) orthogonally adjacent to each other in a row or column. Scores are based on the total number of individual sets distributed across the 4x4 game board grid of shelving.

    Score equals - 1 set - 3vp • 2 sets - 5vp • 3 sets - 8vp • 4 sets 12vp • 5 or more sets - 17vp

    • Score for each individual collection of all 5 game types AND all 5 games sizes within the grid of shelving(ex. E2, W3, R4, S5, C6) without repeat of size values among that collection of the 5 types. Circle each collection of games in order not to repeat during scoring.

    Score equals - 15vp for each individual collection

    —description from the designer

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