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Air combat 1950 to the Present Day

Current Edition: 1.1

52 pages; recommended scale 1/300, 1/600, 1/700; complexity: 7/10; level of detail: 7/10; avg game length 1-1½ hours; dice required: D10, D6

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These rules simulate tactical level jet fighter combat from 1950 to the present day. They are specifically designed for jet versus jet combat and unlike other products that go into too much detail, each player can handle several aircraft. The rules operate in three dimensions while only physically using two, height being indicated beside an aircraft.

There are guns, air to air rockets, Infra Red and Radar guided air to air missiles, SAM sites, etc. Data for over 200 aircraft in use by many nations from the 1950’s onward are included.

The skill of aircrew is very important and the system provides for this. The players can decide how good the crew are by deciding the level of training they think is appropriate, though a random system for skill generation is also provided.

Radar and electronics are handled within the rules by means of a Tech Level system that allows for systems to be improved or obsolete within the game, but without extra complication. Ground attacks are possible as part of the game mission mix, though the effect of the attack will depend on using the right weapon. SAM and AAA sites are also included.


The game rules were developed specifically with jet fighters in mind and the data calculation reflects this. We took a decision NOT to include propeller driven aircraft (with a very few specific exceptions), and this has provoked comment from some users, especially if fighting the Korean war.

Summary of Contents

INTRODUCTION: Scales; Definitions and concepts; Technology Levels; Designers’ Notes

MEN AND MACHINES: Aircrew Training and Skills; Skill Rolls; Dazed, Wounded or Dead Aircrew; Crew Survival; Aircrew Experience; Aircraft Capability; Equipping Stores; Miscellaneous Stores; Jettisoning Stores; Destruction of Aircraft

SETTING UP A GAME, DEPLOYMENT: Points Values; Organizing a Game; Starting the Game; Deploying Surface Targets; Deploying aircraft; Off Table Reserves; Air Superiority Missions; Ground Attack Missions; Intrusion Missions; Interception Missions; Rearming and Repairs; Victory and Defeat

SEQUENCE OF PLAY: Ending the Game; Summary of Crew Activities and Skill Rolls

FLIGHT FUNDAMENTALS: Formations and Movement; The Effect of Altitude on Performance; Speed and Fuel Use; Order of Movement Actions; Movement; Turning; Effects of Damage on Turning; Climbing; Zoom Climb; Climbing Half Loop; Diving; Diving Half Loop; Displacing Models and mid air collisions


RADAR AND DETECTION: Contact Markers; Detection—Visual; Detection—Search Radar; Detection of Objects on the Ground; Losing Contact

SHOOTING GUNS AND AIR TO AIR ROCKETS: Guns; Arcs of Fire; Lines of Fire; Target Priority and Timing; Aircrew Shooting; Shooting Procedure; Modifiers; Hitting the Target; Multi-barrel weapons; Automatic Hit Bonus; Ammunition Supply; Damaging the Target; Critical Hits; Effect of Formations on Shooting; Air to Air salvo rockets; AIR-2 Genie air to air nuclear missile

SHOOTING AIR TO AIR MISSILES: Air to Air Missiles; Obtaining a Lock; Losing a Lock; ECM Aircraft; Breaking a Lock; Firing Missiles; Damaging the Target

ATTACKING A SURFACE TARGET: Spotting the Target; Identifying the Target; Attack and Ammunition Types; Attacking an Identified Target; Defensive Fire; Attacking an Unidentified Target; Ground defenses; Unlisted Air to Ground Weapons

GROUND DEFENSES: AAA Guns; Air defense Zones; SAM Batteries

AIRCRAFT DATA: Understanding the Aircraft Data Tables; Filling in the Aircraft Record Sheets; Data for Civilian and Transport Aircraft; Data for Combat Aircraft; Aircraft in Action

TABLES: Payload types and location; Miscellaneous Equipment; Surface to Air Missiles; Air to Air Missiles; Air to Surface Weapons


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