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Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Fire Prevention Specialist
Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Fire Prevention Specialist
by Indie Boards & Cards (2014)
Player Count
2 to 6

Player Ages

Playing Time
45 minutes
  • Adventure
  • Expansion for Base-game
  • Designers
  • Lutz Pietschker
  • Mechanisms
  • Action Point Allowance System
  • Pick-up and Deliver
  • Cooperative Play
  • Simulation
  • Dice Rolling
  • Grid Movement
  • Artists
  • Luis Francisco
  • George Patsouras
  • Eugene Mogilevich
  • Family
  • Solitaire Games
  • Crowdfunding: Kickstarter
  • Firefighting
  • Flash Point: Fire Rescue
  • Rating: 7.49/10 from 46 users


    The Fire Prevention Officer is a KS exclusive from the Honor and Duty expansion. It includes a card and rules but no minis. It has been produced in 4500 copies and here's the rules for this character:

    4 AP - This specialist has done his work years ago; he talked to the builders and home owners and convinced them to adopt a fire security plan. On his advice smoke detectors and smoke exhausts have been installed, and emergency exits have been planned and marked clearly. Now these measures prove their worth: People are warned and can move out via marked escape routes, and smoke clears off the building.

    Prevent/De-Smoke: Move a smoke token anywhere on the board for 1 AP per space. Movement must be on the shortest route towards nearest exterior door, player?s choice if alternative routes exist; Smoke passes closed interior doors at no extra cost. Smoke vanishes when outside the building. Moved smoke ignites immediately if adjacent to fire; if it moves on top of other smoke, it becomes fire.
    Prevent/Escape: Move a POI token (only if "?" side up) anywhere on the board for 2 AP per space. Movement must be on the shortest route towards nearest exterior door, player?s choice if alternative routes exist. POIs can open doors on their way for 2 AP; they will not use breached walls, ladders etc. (they use the escape route "as marked"). POIs moved outside of the building (=coordinate area) are revealed. POIs will not move into fire.

    Note: If playing with multi-floor game boards, "shortest route to exterior door" may be via a stair. Note: In the subway station, exits are all spaces with an ambulance symbol.

    2017 update:
    Included in Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Tragic Events with a corresponding miniature.

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