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Fire on the Waters
Fire on the Waters
by (Web published) (2012)
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  • Nautical
  • Wargame
  • Miniatures
  • World War II
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  • Designers
  • Leonard Heinz
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  • Simulation
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  • Player Count: Two Player Only Games
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    Fire on the Waters is a naval warfare simulation.

    It portrays tactical naval surface warfare in World War II.

    The simulation presents aspects of this warfare through a series of scenario sets.
    Each scenario set also includes a scenario generator to create scenarios typical for the time and place that the set covers.
    The game presents these battles on a tactical, ship-to-ship level.
    The game is for two sides: one controlling the Allied ships and one controlling the Axis ships.
    Ships are represented by cardboard counters or 1/6000 scale miniatures, with any 4' by 6' level surface serving as a playing area.
    Movement and combat are conducted in accordance with the rules of play.

    1 turn = 4 min
    1 inch = 1000 yards.

    The game components include:
    • The rules of the game,
    • The tables for the game,
    • The designer’s notes,
    • Game counters, and
    • A scenario for the game.

    Also included are some random ship counters for those without miniatures. Don't try to match them to any particular scenario.

    In Fire on the Waters, the rules provide the basic mechanics of play. Each scenario specifies the ships, relative position of opposing forces, victory conditions, and special rules for a particular battle.

    At present, 80 scenarios for Fire on the Waters have been posted.

    The scenarios are organized into 8 scenario sets, with each set collecting scenarios from a particular place and period.

    Rules can be downloaded at

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