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Fanatic Pack #1
Fanatic Pack #1
by Fanatic Enterprises (2004)
Player Count
  • Wargame
  • Expansion for Base-game
  • Fighting
  • World War II
  • Designers
  • Paul Kenny
  • Mechanisms
  • Modular Board
  • Secret Unit Deployment
  • Hex-and-Counter
  • Simulation
  • Dice Rolling
  • Family
  • Advanced Squad Leader
  • Rating: 6/10 from 2 users


    From the Fanatic Enterprises web site:

    FANATIC PACK #1 features 12 scenarios on card stock. Each scenario has been thoroughly playtested and balanced for your enjoyment. Here are summaries of the actions depicted:

    FE1 A Victory for Early Polish Armor: It is 1920 and the Russian army is invading the fledgling country. But the tough Polish Army is going to fight for its independence with every tool it possesses. You want tin can action? Here it is! Uses boards 46 and 11 and requires use of Axis Minor and Italian counters.

    FE2 Dans La Bataille, Pour La Patrie: May 1940, the French have their one opportunity to crush the German assault. The successful attack through the Ardennes is moving to the sea, cutting the French in half. However, this gives the French a singular opportunity for counterattack. Can DeGaulle marshal his forces for an effective attack? Requires board 12 and 4 and the French and German counters.

    FE3 The Border Forts: November 1940 was a very bad month for Mussolini. His attack in Greece was failing, his battle fleet was heavily damaged at Taranto and his airforce was taking a beating in England. Only in the far deserts of East Africa was he enjoying any victory. Uses boards 27 and 31 and requires Italian and British Counters.

    FE4 Whirling Dervishes: February 1941 finds the newly formed Free French Army looking for a way to contribute to the Allied cause. Bold action is taken from the colony of Camaroon. Using odds and ends of vehicles they traverse the desert and surround an isolated Italian fort. The defenders hang on until the cavalry arrive in the form of an Auto Saharan Company. Uses boards 26 and 28 and requires Italian and French counters.

    FE 5 Beyond the Call of Duty: its April 1941 and the Germans are preparing to invade Yugoslavia. Just before the invasion assault troops cross the border and attack the fortifications along the frontier. Requires board 11 and 18 and uses Allied Minor and German Counters.

    FE6: Cavalry Charge at Mussino: During the crucial battle in front of Moscow in November 1941, the Soviets are boosted by the arrival of Mongolian Cavalry units from the far east. However the cavalry would pay dearly in this action as they assault the dug-in German guns in a bloody cavalry charge. Uses boards 19 and 42 and Russian and German counters.

    FE 7 Quick and Dirty: It is the Spring of 1942 and the Japanese have released their own form of Blitzkrieg covering much of the globe with their power. March finds them invading Java and in this opening skirmish a Japanese reconnaissance patrol races a Dutch force to capture a bridge. Uses Board 47 and Japanese and Allied Minor counters.

    FE 8 Soebang Serenade: The only major armor clash of the Dutch East Indies Campaign occurred at Soebang on March 2, 1942. The counterattacking Dutch run into Japanese forces consolidating their control near the Soebang airfield and a melee ensues. Uses boards 24, 37 and 38 and uses Japanese and Allied Minor counters.

    FE 9: Blackforce Counterattack: British and Japanese tangle in this PTO action. British armor and infantry slug it out as the Japanese try to protect their bridgehead. Uses boards 38 and 40 and British and Japanese counters.

    FE 10: An Abandoned Army: The surrender of Allied forces on Java did not end the fighting in the Dutch East Indies. A desperate force of Dutch and native troops struggles to hang together on the island of Sumatra. The Japanese are poised to crush them along with the help of the locals. An Urban Guerrilla for the PTO with partisan units popping out of nowhere to attack the Dutch. Uses board 32 and Japanese and Allied Minor units along with partisan counters.

    FE11: Italian Winter: The German SS Police force was a fearsome and tough group. This action covers a battle between the SS Police force using captured T-34's against a dug in Italian partisan force with some tricks of their own. Uses board 50 along with Italian, German and Russian counters.

    FE 12: Once More into the Breach: Late in the war the Germans were desperate. Attacked from all sides they threw what they could at the tidal wave of Russians attacking from everywhere. This action covers a rescue operation as the SS try to reach a surround group of SS before they can be annihilated


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