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Exquisite linguaex
Exquisite linguaex
by (Self-Published) (2017)
Player Count
2 to 10

Player Ages

Playing Time
5 minutes to 5 hours
  • Word Game
  • Educational
  • Designers
  • Ana Subiza Urriza
  • Mechanisms
  • Cooperative Play
  • Paper-and-Pencil
  • Artists
  • Ana Subiza Urriza
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    Objective of the game

    This is a game to practice languages while a story is created among the players.

    Vocabulary Cards

    There are vocabulary cards of different colours with words in one foreign language. The cards are classified as pronouns, nouns, adjectives, infinitive verbs, adverbs, and prepositions + conjunctions (in the same group). In each cards there are 6 words numbered from 1 to 6. (There are two possibilities: a game of 900 words (150 vocabulary cards) and a game of 1500 (250 vocabulary cards) words)
    There are also TWO dice with six faces
    Each player must take one card from each group. Then he rolls the dice for to determinate the number of cards that he can substitute by the word he chose. Then for the others cards, he rolls again the dice and take the word that correspond at number given by the dice.
    There is the possibility of using both dices for two determinate the verbal tense used in the sentence. From 1 to 12, each number correspond at one of the most used verbal tens.
    Using all these words the player must make one or several sentences in a foreign language, say it out loud and write it in a notebook. You can also leave the sentences sketchy so that the next player finishes them in turn. The cards that have not been used remain for the next turn. The cards used return to the deck.
    You can use the words that are already written in the the notebook
    If a player has made mistakes, it can be corrected by another player. As a penalty, he will receive from the player that corrected him, one vocabulary card for each mistakes made.
    If a player does not understand some words he has picked up or a phrase constructed by another player, he should ask. The answer will be given with gestures or an explanation in the foreign language. The one giving the explanation will give to the other player two vocabulary cards.
    Vocabulary cards can be exchanged between players. The player says "exchange" and the cards are placed face up on the table.
    Ways to discard vocabulary cards
    If an error is made by a player, he receive one card for each mistake.
    If an explanation is given, two cards are given
    If you sing a song or recite a poem of at least four verses without making a mistake, the player can discard three vocabulary cards. For every mistake, a card is retained.
    If the player tells a story, gives a lesson, or a talk, he gets rid of a number of cards equivalent to the minutes that the oral presentation lasted. The other players give him a score between 1 to 10. The player is allowed to discard the score multiplied by the number of minutes spoken divided by ten.
    When a player has discarded all his vocabulary cards he moves to the second level.
    Text cards
    In the second level you play with the text cards. There are 45. In the cards there are indications of the type:
    • introduce a fantastic character
    • introduce a key discovery
    • enter an internal dialogue
    • a leap in time
    • describe a house
    • describe a city
    *Introduce a metaphor
    • Introduce a comparison

    *Introduce a hyperbole ...
    There is also a letter that says:" the manuscript has been lost, you must rewrite the story ". And another that says: "write the ending". When this card comes out, the story is finish and the game is over.
    There are 9 wildcards to write paragraphs of text freely.
    If the player make mistakes, he will retake vocabulary cards, one for each mistake, and he will return to the first level where the sentences are constructed.
    Who wins
    The player that has used all the cards or has less than the others.
    There must be among the players a native speaker or teacher of the language, in order to correct the mistakes.
    You can consult books of grammar and conjugation
    You can choose a winner in creativity
    The one who wins has to read the story.

    Of course you can practice your own language and use the game just to make up stories

    The game is appropriate for player ages 8 to 90.
    You can make two different games; one with the vocabulary cards and the other with the text cards. If you play only with the vocabulary cards, then the winner will be the one who gets rid of the cards first. If you play with the text cards, the winner is the one who makes the least mistakes. For each mistake five points are subtracted and 20 are added if there are no mistakes.

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