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Evil Lord
by (Self-Published), (Web published)
Player Count
2 to 9

Player Ages

Playing Time
30 minutes
  • Fantasy
  • Humor
  • Print & Play
  • Mechanisms
  • Card Drafting
  • Worker Placement
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    You are an Evil Lord in his Dark Throne in the Tower of Fear of his Castle of Skulls. Isn’t it obvious what your aim is? You want to conquer the world by building some kind of Doomsday Device! In order to do so, you will have to give orders to your lowly Minions which will try to perform evil deeds, collect valuable resources, spread terror, fight heroes and cause general mayhem. Oh, another thing: there seem to be a few other Evil Lords around who are trying to conquer the world themselves: you will have to do it before them.

    Apart from your Dark Tower, there are 6 places in the Realm: the Countryside, the Wood, the Sanctuary, the City, the Castle and the Dungeon. There are 6 basic orders you could give to a Minion: Bring me some Gold, Bring me some Food, Bring me some Mana, attempt a Diplomacy Mission, attempt a War Mission, and Have some Fun. (Note that the Minion’s concept of "Diplomacy" includes poisoning, forging, stealing and so on).
    Each turn you could give to a Minion just 1 of these 12 orders, thus selecting either what must he door where should him go, by means of placement on an apposite board.
    For example, if you assign him the task of recovering some Gold, he will decide by himself if looking for it in the Dungeon or in the Sanctuary or elsewhere.
    On the other hand, if you order him to go to the Wood, it will be upon to him to decide either of having some Fun, or looking for Mana, or else.
    The Minion will decide it by drawing an Evil Deed Card.

    There are all sort of Evil Deeds, ranging from "Poison the Good King in the Castle" to "Beat the Monks for Fun in the Sanctuary", an each will identify univocally both where the Minion will go and what will he try to do.
    The chance of actually being able to perform the Evil Deed will depend on chance (die roll), special ability of the Minion (such as "Violence", "Stealth", "Persuasion" and so on; each kind on Minion has his own) and on the nature of the Evil Deed.
    It could be that after the Evil Deed determination there are Minions of different Dark Lord in the same Place: in that case they will not tolerate the presence of the other(s) and they will fight until the other(s) will die. Also some Evil Deed Missions will involve a fighting with a Hero (randomly drawn from the Hero Deck).
    By performing Evil Deeds successfully you will be able to collect basic resources (Gold, Food and Mana), Special Items (to increase the capabilities of your Minions), and components for your Doomsday devices.

    In addition, as you progress in your path of darkness, you will become both feared and hated by the Heroes of the Realm: while being feared is a good thing (Aid Minions in combat), since will aid your minions in combat situations, being hated too much could bring trouble, since will increase the probability of you being attacked by Heroes.

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