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Puzzle Master
Things From Another World
by Games and Puzzles (magazine) (1975)
Player Count
2 to 6
  • Deduction
  • Spies/Secret Agents
  • Designers
  • B. Mitchell
  • Mechanisms
  • Area Movement
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    Espionage is a card-based deduction game played on a map of Britain divided into 24 numbered areas plus London. There is a card for each numbered area, one of which is removed at the start of the game; naturally the object is to identify this card.

    The remaining cards plus a foreign agent card (and with five players an MI5 card) are dealt out to the players. On a turn a player generally moves to an adjacent area and then may ask another player whether they have a specific card or a card for anywhere in one region. (The map is divided into six colored regions.) The player holding the foreign agent card may lie.

    There are a few airports on the board so to move more quickly an agent may move to one and then move along the arrows to get to another airport.

    There are at most 24 rounds in the game; after each round a clock hand is moved. Where the clock hand is determines the allowed moves, e.g. in the early hours only specific questions may be asked, near the end the foreign agent may not lie, etc.

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