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Puzzle Master
Things From Another World
by Daemon Editora (2014)
Player Count
8 to 18

Player Ages

Playing Time
20 minutes to 45 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Party Game
  • Designers
  • (Uncredited)
  • Mechanisms
  • Betting/Wagering
  • Voting
  • Negotiation
  • Family
  • Werewolf / Mafia
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    It is the Dawn of the Temple Vigil! The congregation prays happily ... but, suddenly, some worshipers begin to be demonized! ENCOTSTO! BACKREST! They all scream!
    It's time for Exorcism!
    The faithful must gather and decide who is Leaning and do Exorcism on him! At the end of the service, who will remain anointed?

    A player is chosen as the narrator, he is not part of any of the teams, but he will lead the game as a pastor of the church. The rest are divided into two sides: Backrest and Faithful.
    Backers want to drive all church members crazy and win if the number of members is less than or equal to the number of backers. Believers need to exorcise all the backs to win.

    Each turn the backrests secretly choose a player to be eliminated and all players vote to eliminate a second player, who can be one of the backrests or another faithful one.

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