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ELEMANCERS: Light and Dark
ELEMANCERS: Light and Dark
by Shadow Balance Games, LLC (2020)
Player Count
2 to 6

Player Ages

Playing Time
2 hours to 3 hours
  • Fantasy
  • Designers
  • Jarrett Ford
  • Mechanisms
  • Area Movement
  • Dice Rolling
  • Events
  • Card Play Conflict Resolution
  • End Game Bonuses
  • Finale Ending
  • Artists
  • Ami Leshner
  • Alexis Cassar
  • Frankie Perez
  • Jason Walsh
  • Nayaki Anadan
  • Terry Kong
  • Family
  • Crowdfunding: Kickstarter
  • Admin: Unreleased Games
  • Rating: 9/10 from 1 users


    ELEMANCERS: Light and Dark is a 2-6 player team-based fantasy area control strategy game in which you take control of an Avatar and Clan wielding 1 of 6 elemental magics: Dark magic (Shadow, Necro, or Ice) or Light magic (Celestial, Beast, or Flame). Using these powers, you summon creatures, cast spells, activate enchanted weapons, and invoke creature abilities.

    You play as part of 1 of 2 Factions (Tenebris = Dark Faction or Lux = Light Faction) warring head-to-head which are trying to take control over the Realm by either having the most elemental power, or by finding lost lore and artifacts in order to learn how to resurrect their Primal God of elemental magic at the Hollow of Fate. This location being the place where the gods were last seen after their epic battle, as well as where the dragon Baransu is currently residing, waiting to awake to rid the world of elemental magic and the Factions of Light and Dark!

    The game is made up of 2 Rounds, with each Round having two phases: Activate and Conflict. During the Activate Phase, all Clans obtain more Battle Cards, Power Tokens and Creatures. During the Conflict Phase, Clans take turns spending a Power Token to either summon creatures, draw more Battle Cards, utilize their Avatar’s power, or activate a found Legendary Weapon. After spending a Power Token, the Clan may then move any creatures of theirs on the gameboard, followed by an option to Battle at any contested locations. Creatures in the game have a variety of different traits that can be used in Battle, and Battle Dice, Creature Traits and Battle Cards are used in Battle to defeat the enemy!

    In the course of the game, Clans complete Saga Cards (secret objectives) to find Lore throughout the Realm and finally a Legendary Weapon’s location and use. These artifacts provide a power boost in the game and help satisfy one of your Faction’s win conditions. Lore Cards provide the history of a Legendary Weapon and story beats encountered at different triggers in the game. Clans are also trying to control matching element locations to place more Power Tokens on the gameboard in order to have the most elemental power to win!

    —description from the publisher

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