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Player Count
2 to 5

Player Ages

Playing Time
30 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Abstract Strategy
  • Educational
  • Math
  • Designers
  • Julie Newdoll
  • Artists
  • Julie Newdoll
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    Object of the game Electronimoes: Collect the most points while connecting the atom cards into molecular creations in the center of the table. The cards fit together a bit like dominoes. They are inspired by atoms and how many bonds each atom can make by sharing electrons with other atoms - thus the name.

    Shuffle the cards and deal out 7 cards to each player. Place remaining cards in the center of the table and place the top card face up on the table. There are three kinds of cards; regular atom cards can make single, double, or triple bonds to other atom cards, for which you get single, double or triple points; noble gas cards do not bond to any cards; ion cards only fit with one other card. First player looks at the card on the table and at the cards in their hand.

    If their is an oxygen card that can make two single bonds on the table, for example, first player needs to have a card in their hand that can also make a single bond. This is easy to see by the design of the cards. If the quality of the lines fit together, you have a bond. An oxygen is worth 8 points. If you bond a hydrogen to it, worth 1 point, you would get a total of 8 points for this move. If this player does not have any single bonding cards, they could also play a noble gas, if they have one. Neon, for example, would be worth ten points. They would then put this noble gas card in their winnings stack. They could also play an ion card. Sodium, for example, would be worth 11 points, but it would stay on the table. If NONE of these options is available, they must draw from the deck until they get a card that matches the one up on the table.

    If a player is the last one to place an atom card onto the growing molecule in the middle of the table, meaning their are no more empty slots to bond any cards to, they not only get their points, but they get to keep all the cards in this molecule. They stack up the cards and put it in their winnings pile, along with noble gasses or ion cards won. In order to win the ion cards, a player must have the other half of the arrow pictured on the ion card. They get the points for both cards, and then put them in their stack. When one player has run out of cards, players add up the points they earned, plus ONE point for each card in their winnings stack. They then subtract any points left in their hand. If desired, play up to 200 points, or end the game after all players have had a chance to go first.

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