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Dupa biskupa
Dupa biskupa
by (Public Domain), MDR
Player Count
2 to 8

Player Ages

Playing Time
10 minutes to 15 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Designers
  • (Uncredited)
  • Mechanisms
  • Trick-taking
  • Artists
  • Andrzej Mleczko
  • Family
  • Traditional Card Games
  • Shedding Games
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    The party game known as Dupa biskupa can be played with any set of cards and any number of players, over any number of rounds. There is one general rule; the more players there are, the more cards are required.

    The game starts with cards being dealt so that each player receives the same amount. Starting from the first, players lay down cards in such a way that everyone can see the card. Having laid the card, the player has to perform a certain action established before starting the game, and corresponding to the suit and rank of the card. Some suits or ranks require that the player perform no action.

    Player who perform the wrong action, or fail to perform one when required, is obliged to take the pile of cards.

    The winner of each round attributes a way of acting to other cards in the next round, but the actions for queens, kings and aces remains the same.

    The first player to empty their hand wins the game.

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