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5 minutes to 20 minutes
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
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  • Designers
  • Scott Allen Czysz
  • Mechanisms
  • Hex-and-Counter
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    Drakard is a simple, palindromic, solo, adventure game played with 6 D6 dice, 5 tracking cubes, and one miniature character, pawn, meeple, or cube.

    The original game was entered in a BoardGames 24 hour contest where the requirement was "palindrome". Therefore, the names of all the beasts encountered in the game are palindromes:
    Drakard, the dragon
    Trollorts, the trolls, and
    Ruffurs, the beasts

    Also, the win condition of each encounter with a beast is to roll a 3, 4, or 5 dice palindrome, for example: 3-5-3 or 6-2-2-6.

    Move through Drakard's dark forest, encountering beasts and friends along the way. Make it to Drakard's lair to battle the dragon. Defeat him and your journey is halfway over. Continue on to the edge of the map to win the game.

    After rolling dice to set your initial resources of Health, Food, Coins, and Magic, begin your journey. Each turn, pay 1 food to gain movement points. If the hex you land on is a beast, encounter it by rolling your dice. Win the encounter by rolling a 3, 4, or 5 dice palindrome depending on the beast. If you win, gain any one resource. If you lose, pay a penalty in Health. If the new hex is a friend, gain the indicated item. You may also trade items on friendly spaces for other items or more weapons (dice).

    Win by traversing the entire forest and emerging with more than zero Health.

    Note: Currently, there are 2 different maps to choose from: a simple 1 page map, and and enlarged and improved 2 page map (recommended).

    -description from designer

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