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Dragon Ball Z: Duel Battle Saiyans
Dragon Ball Z: Duel Battle Saiyans
by Yoka by Tsume (2023)
Player Count

Player Ages

Playing Time
40 minutes to 1 hour
  • Miniatures
  • Designers
  • Nicolas Badoux
  • Mechanisms
  • Area Movement
  • MOV-20 Movement Template
  • Family
  • Dragon Ball
  • Admin: Unreleased Games
  • Rating: 9.5/10 from 2 users


    Compose your team and face an opponent in this miniature duel game!
    Find the universe of Dragon Ball Z with your favorite characters and their special techniques in epic clashes for the quest of crystal balls

    After composing your team according to the skill points of the different characters, go in search of the crystal balls! Would you rather face your opponent directly or search the board for bonuses?

    On your turn, you can activate your characters one after the other, by rolling their action die. You can then perform 3 out of 5 possible actions: remove an immobilization, move, search, attack, acquire a capsule card. In addition, you can also launch a special attack like the famous Kamehameha!

    KO opposing characters to earn victory points.

    The game ends if a team is completely knocked out or after 7 rounds of play. The player with the most victory points wins.

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