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Puzzle Master
Things From Another World
by Warp Spawn Games (2014)
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2 to 1
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  • Science Fiction
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  • Lloyd Krassner
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    A card game based on the Doom Video Games for 2+ players.

    Players share a common deck comprising 6 card types:
    Action, Weapon, Equipment, Location, Zombie and Demon.
    Action, Weapon and Equipment cards are collectively called Aid cards.
    Zombie and Demon cards are collectively known as foes. All foes have damage and strength ratings. They may also have traits that will interact with other cards.

    Counters are used to keep track of Life Points, Doom Points and Ammunition. Each player starts with 19 + 1D6 Life Points and 2D6 Doom Points.

    The game is played over a series of turns with each turn comprising 6 phases.

    1. Doom Phase
    - Lay out 3X cards where X is the number of players. These are the doom cards.

    2. Leader Phase
    - Determine the leader for this phase. The player with the least life is the leader. If tied for least life, the player with the least Doom Points goes first.

    3. Tactics Phase
    - Starting with the Leader, and going clockwise, each player picks 1 of the doom cards laid out in Doom Phase. If it is an Aid card place it in front of yourself. If it is a Foe card place it in front of an opponent. If it is a Location card, place it in front of yourself or an opponent. If a player gets a Location card, he must discard any other location card he may already have in play.
    - Continue going around until all doom cards are assigned.

    4. Resolution Phase
    - Start with the leader and go clockwise.
    - Each location has a foe limit. The player discards foes in front of him in excess of the foe limit.
    - Discard 1 or more ammo tokens, equipment, and action cards to defeat a foe with a strength equal to less than the force of the cards discarded.
    - Gain Doom Points equal to the damage rating of defeated foes. Discard defeated foes.

    5. Damage Phase
    - Each foe in front of you does damage to you equal to its damage rating (damage received corresponds to an equal loss of life points)

    6. End Phase
    - At end of turn a player may have a max of 6 aid cards in front of him. Discard excess.
    - If you did not take damage in damage phase, heal 2 life points.

    The first player to gain 50+ Doom Points and to have killed at least 1 Boss is the winner. Lose all your life points and you are out of the game. If only one player remains, he wins.

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