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Der Clou: Roll & Heist – 3 Heists of Christmas


Welcome to 3 heists of Christmas. This is a campaign for Clou - Roll & Heist! The basic idea behind the game, to spread some easily accessible gaming entertainment in Covid times, shall be continued with this campaign. On you can find more about the game including the basic scenarios and a link to the digital version. But now have fun with "3 heists of Christmas"!

Like the basic game, the campaign is designed for 1-3 players and includes a total of 3 new break-ins. These are connected to each other and your gang of thieves gains more experience with each break-in. You also have the opportunity to buy new tools and make special preparations.
In addition to the 3 burglaries and these rules, this download package also contains the following:
  • an introduction and start story
  • the campaign sheet, where you record your progress, so you can interrupt the game between 2 breakins.
  • Once again all 4 thieves' sheets, which you do not need to print out again if you already have them.
  • 2 story sheets
  • the basic rules, if you don't own them already

To play this campaign, you only need 3 six-sided dice and one pen per player in addition to this.
If you haven't played the basic game yet, it is recommended to read the rules for it at least once first.

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