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Puzzle Master
by AntiMatter Games (2012)
Player Count
  • Wargame
  • Miniatures
  • Mechanisms
  • Action Point Allowance System
  • Dice Rolling
  • Artists
  • Víctor Pérez Corbella
  • Family
  • Crowdfunding: Kickstarter
  • DeepWars Series
  • Rating: 7.92/10 from 12 users



    DeepWars is a 28mm scale tabletop wargame set in an alternate history of Earth in the late 17th century, where fortune seekers and conquerors have discovered a lost land with an underground sea miles beneath the frozen surface of the southernmost continent.

    DeepWars is set in the world of ShadowSea, but is meant to be a stand-alone product and is focused on adventure and battle scenarios on the bottom of the Sunless Sea. The game will have multiple types of scenarios, including exploration of wrecks on the seafloor, adventures in ancient cities of cyclopean structures, battles among fields of geothermal chimneys, submarine boardings among others. Adventures within flooded tunnels inside wrecked ships or crumbing cities may be played with “tiles” to represent stretches of passage and chambers, while games in open environments are played with scenic terrain pieces on the tabletop.


    This shadowy sea holds powerful artifacts from a long disappeared civilization, and the Fortune Hunters' have staked their claim to these treasures, modifying some of the technology they have already recovered to design advanced diving suits and weapons for underwater defense. They are not alone in their quest though, as other forces compete for the same artifacts.

    The enigmatic 'Dark Mariners', remnants of the noble lost civilization, have completely devolved, mixing their bloodline with the foulest of undersea life and twisted ether technology to create vicious biomechanical creatures. These forces cruise the depths, carried within monstrous vessels that resemble gigantic sea creatures, gathering artifacts to help them prepare for an assault on the surface lands.

    The 'Ancients of Atalán' are the most advanced of all of the forces, for they are the last of the pure relatives of the lost civilization of the Ancients of the Shadow Sea. They are a small group, with a hidden undersea city many leagues away to the North, and have traveled under the ice to recover the technology of their lost kin follow them into the dimensional void.

    Other forces will be included in the game, but the three main forces will be the focus of this Kickstarter project and will be the first ones to get miniatures.

    • Intense combat in the abyssal depths of the Sea. Breach submarines, uncover undersea temples, and dodge torpedoes while recovering artifacts that hold the secrets of the ethereal void.
    • Combination of 28mm scale miniature tabletop wargame with campaign advancement and a role-playing flavor. Players may customize their warband with different weapons and ether technology items as they become more experienced in battle.
    • Miniature starter sets for each of three main forces, Fortune Hunters, Dark Mariners, and Ancients of Atalán will be produced. Sets will include five miniatures with stat cards and quickstart rules. Other forces are included in the rules and will be made into miniatures as funds permit.
    • Rulebooks will be available printed in full color or as downloadable PDFs, and will include multiple game scenarios and a painting guide. There will be a softcover version of the printed book, meant for retail store sale, and a hardcover version with some additional content for direct sale. If project goals are exceeded, we will produce additional miniatures, terrain and supplements and continue growing the game.

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