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Deadliest Empire
Deadliest Empire
by 10th Dimension Studios (2017)
Player Count
2 to 1

Player Ages
  • Abstract Strategy
  • Civilization
  • Dice
  • Medieval
  • Fighting
  • Miniatures
  • Designers
  • Vander McLeod
  • Mechanisms
  • Variable Player Powers
  • Roll / Spin and Move
  • Dice Rolling
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    Army vs army of historical empires.

    Take command of 1 of 3 28mm armies in the 1st core box. Choose the Viking with their fast close combat and Berserker units and shield maidens. Choose the Crusaders with their heavily armoured tank infantry, the Knights Templar's and run down the enemy with their heavy cavalry or choose to rain down on the enemy with the Chinese. Hail storm them with your arrows and Kung Fu monks.

    Box set 2 comes with the Roman Legions, the Samurai and the Scottish Highlander's with their huge claymores.

    Add mercenaries to your army too. Will you add some British Red Coats, or Musketeers to name a few.

    With extra units coming too like the rock throwing Trebuchet, Valkyries, Geisha assassins, Bees nest rocket arrows etc.

    Commands powerful Heroes like Thor or Arch Angel Michael or military strategists like Julius Caesar or Sun Tzu.

    28mm miniatures

    Each unit counts as a large squad with a certain amount of health. Each unit as 3 attack statistics and 3 defense. Martial counts as a units attack speed (how fast they can use their sword). Strength is how powerful your soldier or weapon is. Aggression is how many times your unit can attack per turn so your unit may strike 3 times with a strength of 1 totaling 3 damage. However for defence they enemy unit has agility meaning they may be able to avoid all or some attacks. Toughness may decrease an attacker strength meaning a strength 5 attack against heavy armour toughness 3 possibly equals only receiving 2 damage. The defenders may even attack first if their martial is higher than the attacking units. So attacking someone like Thor wouldn't be wise in close combat has he would likely attack first and with great strength and aggression.

    Ranged weapons has 3 stats. Accuracy. Rain and meteor. Rain is mostly for arrows, like a hailstorm of arrows raining down and meteor is for things like big rocks.

    You don't roll to hit instead once your within melee range you see who hits first (martial) then calculate how many attacks and some strength minis the defenders agility and toughness.

    Melee can change also depending on the formation your units are in. Declare which formation your using and place the formation token next to your unit. The defender also has a chance to change formation depending on how far they are from you and their leadership command skill. Example an arrow head formation from cavalry would decimate a unit of Axe men in a standard line formation. You add the formation score of the successful formation charge to the score of your attack. So attacks in melee for say is 6 damage plus 2 damage for the formation charge totaling 8 damage.

    As you units health decrease so does the amount of attack you can perform for that unit. a unit with 10 health at aggression 2 = 20 attacks. if your unit has decreased to health 5 then the total attacks is 10 because have your squad is dead. For heroes it does not decrease as they represent one model.

    The game has been designed to be as realistic to ancient combat tactics as possible with many units having various formation choices.

    Maybe units has Reach. Reach is like spears and pike. An axe men unit would be hit first by Pikemen even if the Axemen have a higher Martial because the Pikemen have big long spear. Standard Reach is 1 meaning can hit the enemy if within 1 inch. Spear are Reach 2 and Pike are 3 inch hit.

    20% of your army can be made up from mercenary units from another army.

    At the beginning of the game you also have a certain amount of points to spend on upgrades like flaming arrows, smoke bombs, traps and flaming logs etc. You can buy oil and place it on the battlefield then Use your flaming arrows to light it up. These items are represented by cards. Keep them secret from the other player and use the item when you would like. example 10 points may buy you 1 turns of flaming arrows but 30 points buy you flaming arrows for all turns.

    Standard mission is kill the enemy.
    Other missions are castle siege etc.

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