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Das Magische Hexagon
Das Magische Hexagon
by VSK-Erwachsenenspiele (1994)
Player Count

Player Ages

Playing Time
1 hour
  • Abstract Strategy
  • Designers
  • Horst Kühlweih
  • Artists
  • Axel Gesinn
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    from translation:

    Play Material

    1 board
    10 red and ten black Magicians
    7 red and 7 black wisemen
    1 red and one black marking stone

    The Board

    5 of the 61 fields show flames, respectively 10 are marked as red and black start fields.

    The wisemen are imprinted on the underside with numerical values. These numerals indicate the valences. Three of the stones are worth a point.
    Two count respectively for two points. Two stones are worth minus one point.

    Each player receives the 10 magicians of his color and sets them on the appropriate colored start fields. The marking stones are set on the scoring section on the side. The wisemen are alternately placed. Red begins. The red player sets his own wiseman on an arbitrary free field.
    Flame fields may not be occupied.

    It is inserted concealed. The opponent may not see, which stone is placed. Also after the stone is set, it remains concealed for the remainder of the game. Neither may examine any of the stones, either his own or the opponents, after the placement phase.


    The game placement can also occur openly. The valences of the wisdoms are revealed as they are placed. Afterwards, they remain concealed for the remainder of the game.


    After all game stones in the game are inserted, the contest of the magicians begins. Alternately each player moves. Red begins. He can only move his magicians.

    The magicians have three movement possibilities. In each round a movement can occur in only one of these three ways.

    1. He may move his magician one square in any neighboring direction, pushing opponents figures accordingly, including the wisdom pieces, most desirably into the flame fields.

    2. With his own magician he may jump over an adjacent game stone, whether it is his own or his opponents, or a magician or a wisdom.
    Multiple jumps are allowed. Also one can change direction during such a jump.

    3. The magician moves between Space and Time. If one's magician stands at the board's edge, so one can move out from the square and emerge on the opposite side of the board again. A player can push another piece over the edge to the other side.

    It is not allowed, to move figures off the edge of the board and back to their old places.

    One can move magicians through fire spaces and they may also stand there. One's own wisdoms may not be pushed in the fire. Foreign wisdoms are burnt immediately, taken from the game and immediately scored.

    Scoring is determined by the opponents wisdoms, which are pushed in the flame fields. The points are indicated on the scales at the board edge.

    As soon as a player has burnt wisdoms of the adversary that are worth five points, the game is finished and the appropriate player is victorious. Return to Main Email me.

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