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Crusades: A Solo Game
Crusades: A Solo Game
by (Web published) (2021)
Player Count

Player Ages
  • Wargame
  • Medieval
  • Miniatures
  • Book
  • Designers
  • Terry Catton
  • Mechanisms
  • Dice Rolling
  • STR-04 Solo Game
  • Measurement Movement
  • Family
  • History: Crusades
  • Region: Middle East
  • Player Count: Solitaire Only Wargames
  • Rating: 0/10 from 0 users


    After a disastrous battle you command a small group of Crusaders fleeing the Saracen forces.

    Ideal for individually based 28mm figures but other sized figures would also work.

    A simple and easy to play solo game with enough variables to allow it to be replayed many times.

    —description from the publisher

    Turn Sequence:
    1- Crusaders move, fight etc..
    2- Saracen forces move fight etc..
    3- Roll for Saracen reinforcements starting on turn 2
    4- Roll for random events

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