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Cold War³!: Carabinieri – Italian Military Police
Cold War³!: Carabinieri – Italian Military Police
by Rooksdown Games (2011)
Player Count
2 to 6

Player Ages
  • Wargame
  • Mafia
  • Expansion for Base-game
  • Miniatures
  • Modern Warfare
  • Book
  • Designers
  • Dean Wilson
  • Mechanisms
  • Simulation
  • Scenario / Mission / Campaign Game
  • Family
  • History: Iraq War
  • History: Somali Civil War
  • History: War in Afghanistan
  • History: Lebanese Wars 1975-2006
  • Theme: Police
  • Rating: 0/10 from 0 users


    The Carabinieri, have been deployed countless times on peacekeeping missions, & as support for the Italian Army that is deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Armed with this book you can field a ‘straight up’ Carabinieri force for urban patrolling right through to a specialised Anti-Terrorist force including the famous GIS (Italian SWAT); plus the support elements such as ‘Toscana’ –Carabinieri Parachute Infantry.
    You can field the Calabria and Sardinia Light Infantry Companies for anti-Mafia operations.
    Sniper teams, dog teams and rapid intervention Heliborne teams!
    Completing this lavish volume is the section on the Armed Forces of Italy a massive Table of Equipment & Organisation allowing you to field every known variant of mechanised, alpine, cavalry and armoured Regiments currently fielded by the Italian Army –both for deployment in a NATO ‘what if?’ scenario as well as to Iraq, Afghanistan and on any UN peacekeeping deployment such as Lebanon (1982), Somalia (1993) and so on!

    —description from the publisher

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