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5 minutes to 20 minutes
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    In Cirquarles players try to place 4 pieces with matching properties in a line.

    • 24 pieces (2 identical sets of 12 unique pieces in white and black colors)
    • 1 game board

    Each player receives 12 unique pieces of one color and arranges them in 4 stacks on own side, close to the game board.

    How to play
    Players alternate turns starting with the player who controls the white pieces.

    Type of pieces
    Each unique piece is cut out in the middle and defined by three different properties affecting the gameplay:
    1. piece size: small, medium or large
    2. interior shape of a piece: square or circle
    3. exterior shape of a piece: square or circle
    Players actions
    During player’s turn player may perform one of 2 actions:
    1. place a new piece on the board, or
    2. move a piece on the board to a new field (Players cannot remove pieces from the board once they have been deployed)

    Pieces movement
    A player may only move pieces of own color. Player is allowed to only take and move the exterior piece of the stack. Even if other pieces are placed inside. Pieces surrounded by the opponent's one cannot be moved. They are blocked at the moment.

    Players can place their pieces:
    1. to any empty field on the gameboard
    2. inside/outside of the other pieces (own or opponent’s), if it can be placed without collision.

    If a piece cannot be placed without collision on a field, then player cannot place it there.

    Game End
    A player wins the game immediately after placing 4 pieces with matching properties in a line (horizontal, vertical, oblique)

    —description from the designer

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