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Cirno's Math Game
Cirno's Math Game
by Ayu-ya (2009)
Player Count
2 to 6

Playing Time
15 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Video Game Theme
  • Designers
  • Ayumu Kitazaki
  • Mechanisms
  • Hand Management
  • Family
  • Anime & Manga
  • Project Shrine Maiden
  • Rating: 5.83/10 from 6 users


    User Summary:

    A fan-made version of the Japanese card game "Neu", a fast and simple multiplayer card-game with quite some similarities to Uno.

    In Cirno's Math Game (??????????? ????????), players have a hand of three cards numbered from 1 to 9. They play these cards in turn, refilling their hand as they play. Each card adds to the total sum. The player who plays a card that makes the sum exceed 12 (Cirno can't count to more than twelve) loses and gets a loss point. The game ends when someone has three loss points.

    Apart from the numbered cards, there are the "divide by 2" card, the "multiply by 2" card, and then there are the special cards "Turn" (reverse play order), "Pass" (play passes to the next player), "Shot" (choose a player, it's now his turn) and "Double" (next player has to play two cards). The special cards you draw when you lose a round can also be used as special cards. Also, the card with a 9 in a circle makes the total a nine - always. Whenever a 9 is involved, Cirno will full of self-confidence reply "nine".

    This game is based on the flash animation "Cirno's Perfect Math Classroom" in which the character Cirno tries to learn math by adding and subtracting. The flash animation is in turn based on an internet meme regarding one of the boss characters from the video game "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil", a home made shooting game for Windows. A note in the manual caused the fan base to declare Cirno being a total dimwit, closely associated with the number 9, mostly depicted in a circle.

    Translated box back:
    Cirno's Math Game ~ let's study with your friends
    is a game where Cirno studies math (mostly addition) with her friends because she one day thought that
    I'm not stupid! I know! Math is clever!

    The rules are simple. Each turn, play a card, draw a card. The card's number is added to the sum total, and the player who plays a card which causes the total to exceed Cirno's comprehension span (12), is out. The lesson is redone many times, and the most competent player becomes THE PERFECT CIRNO.

    When you are out, you get a "friend" card. The friend cards can be used to change hands, make Cirno be able to count to 20 and so on. Perhaps they can help you turn the tables?

    With simple rules and a quick tempo, this is a card game with the power enough to improve your brain somewhat, playable for all people, from those already married to Cirno, to those who barely know what project Shrine Maiden is.

    For 2-6 players
    Playtime: 5-15 minutes
    Recommended age: Older than a fairy

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