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Chronicles of Crime: The Millennium Series – Chronicles of Time Expansion


The Chronicles of Time Expansion contains FOUR new scenarios that are playable with games from the entire Millennium Series.

Scenario #1 - "Pursuit of Knowledge" (Requires Chronicles of Crime: 1400)
A scholar from the faculty of medicine at the University of Paris has been murdered. His body was found in his laboratory surrounded by mysterious drawings and notes that seem to document his research. What was he up to? Who wanted him dead?
New 1400 components: 4 Character cards, 2 Location boards, a dog meeple, 4 Vision cards.

Scenario #2 - "The Bitter Pill" (Requires Chronicles of Crime: 1900)
For the police, the case is closed. A retired high-ranking officer has been found dead in his mansion and a young man with blood-covered hands has been caught on the scene. He’s in shock and can’t explain the situation at all. It seems obvious what happened. A friend of yours, however, happens to know the boy quite well and is absolutely sure that he wouldn’t hurt a fly and begs you to look into this case. How could you refuse?”
New 1900 components: 4 Character cards, 2 Location boards, an Eiffel Tower meeple, 4 Puzzle cards.

Scenario #3 - "The Dream That Never Ends" (Requires Chronicles of Crime: 2400)
You take the case of a strange avatar lost in Cyberspace. For some unknown reason, it can't get back to its body, and the memories of its real-life existence are faded due to prolonged exposure to virtual reality. Who is this mysterious avatar? Why is it lost in cyberspace? Will you find the true identity of the avatar, before its mind slips into eternal oblivion?
New 2400 components: 4 Character cards, 2 Location boards, a raven meeple, 1 new Implant card.

Scenario #4 - "A Matter of Time" (Requires Chronicles of Crime: 1400, 1900 and 2400)
Kalia Lavel finds herself needing to travel back in time to get help for one of her toughest cases yet!
New components: 3 Character cards, 3 Location boards.

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