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Challenger II: Ultra Modern Wargame Rules for Battle Group Level Games 1950 to 1995
Challenger II: Ultra Modern Wargame Rules for Battle Group Level Games 1950 to 1995
by Tabletop Games (1988)
Player Count

Player Ages

Playing Time
2 hours
  • Wargame
  • Miniatures
  • Modern Warfare
  • Book
  • Designers
  • Bruce Rea Taylor
  • Mechanisms
  • Paper-and-Pencil
  • Dice Rolling
  • Family
  • Player Count: Two Player Only Games
  • Rating: 6.65/10 from 20 users


    Challenger II: Ultra Modern (miniature) wargames rules
    For battle group level games 1950-1995

    These rules I hope balance playability with the complexity of modern warfare and cover the use of most of the weapon systems in use or likely to be used in the next decade.
    The sequence of play is designed to give a fully integrated move and fire system between the players and highlights the advantages and disadvantages of Anti-Tank Guided Weapons. The system is akin to many boardgames and once learned flows as quickly as any alternate move system.
    This second edition highlights the increasing use of sophisticated fire control systems as well as other electronic aids on the battlefield, the use of many of which are covered by optional rules.
    The main difference from the first edition is in the handling of armour penetration, with the increasing use of composite and active armours. Each armour factor on a vehicle is still 25mm of actual armoured effectiveness at QO slope being taken into account in the thickness, but a 0 factor now represents armour upto about 15mm on light vehicles. The penetration value of weapons is however nearer their true value and a new set of penetration tables and effectiveness charts are used. HESH or HEP are not the super round that it appears in some rules, it has a maximum effective engagement range of 800m, after that you need to start lobbing it using the direct area fire rules. Modern infantry fire stresses volume rather than accuracy and I have therefore considered it a form of area fire and combined it on the same effects table as artillery. In this edition I have also taken the opportunity to reduce the infantry scale to that of a section as was done with the companion Firefly WWII rules.
    Helicopters are treated as very fast vehicles and are highly effective but fragile anti-tank vehicles, the full range of their capabilities are covered. Aircraft are an important part of the modern battlefield, but I have limited their impact on the game to direct support of ground elements, although with an increased effectiveness over the first edition.

    Wargames Research Group 1950-1985 Rules for Armoured Warfare
    Not a Challenger Expansion
    1980 Ultra Modern Army Lists and Organisations
    1982 Ultra Modern Army Lists and Organisations Second Edition

    1983 Challenger Revised Edition

    1984 Battlezones - Scenarios for the Ultra Modern Period

    1985 Ultra Modern Army Lists and Organistation Volume 1
    The Central Front
    Nato Warpac
    European Neutrals

    1985 Utlra Modern Army Lists & Organisation Volume 2
    Middle East
    Far East
    Latin America
    Intervention Forces

    1986 Digest No. 3 - Challenger / Corps Commander
    Engineering Equipment Data
    Engineering Lists
    Engineering Scenarios
    Equipment Data Update
    Army List Update
    Challenger Rule Amendments
    Challenger Close Assault Rules
    Coprt Commander OMG Reinforcements
    Armoured Recovery Vehicles
    The Australian Army

    1988 / 1989 Challenger II

    1989 Digest 4
    Ultra Modern Army Lists for Challenger II Rules
    The Central Front
    European Nuetrals

    1989 Digest 5
    Ultra Modern Army Lists for Challenger II Ruels
    Middle East
    Far East
    Latin America
    Intervention Forces

    1989 Modern Aircraft Handbook - Aircaraft Details & Weapons for Challenger II
    1992 Revised Modern Aircraft Handbook - Aircraft Details & Weapons for Challenger II (Ammendments + Challenger 2000 Modificaions).

    Challenger 2000
    1994 Challenger 2000 Modern Equipment Second Edition Part One
    1998 Challanger 2000 Modern Equipment Second Edition Part Two

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