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Cards Against Sobriety
Cards Against Sobriety
by (Self-Published) (2016)
Player Count
1 to 10

Player Ages

Playing Time
10 minutes to 1 hour
  • Party Game
  • Rating: 2/10 from 1 users


    A joining of 4 classic drinking card games

    Kings – Lay all eighteen cards on the table face down. Each player takes a turn drawing a card and performing the Kings action described on the card. Any players not required to drink earn a point for that round. After each action is complete, lay the card on the table in rows to form a pyramid. The bottom row will have five cards and the top row will have one card. Once the pyramid is complete, move the remaining three cards in front of all players. Each player will choose one of the cards (multiple players can choose the same card. Now flip over the three player cards.

    Pyramid – each player takes a turn flipping over a card, starting at the bottom row of the pyramid. If the flipped card is higher than the player’s card, the player drinks for one second and keeps the card. If the flipped card is lower than the player’s card, the player gets a point and keeps the card. If the flipped card is equal to the player’s card, the player drinks double and keeps the card. Play continues into the second and third and fourth rows, with losing cards resulting in drinking for two, three and four seconds, respectively (still for twice as long for an equal number). After the last card at the top of the pyramid is flipped and drinking or points are resolved, it stays on the table face up. The players claim the player cards, so that all players have roughly the same number of cards.

    Circuit – each player puts his cards into a face down pile. Players take turns flipping their top card and laying it next to the last card on the table. If the card is the same color or same number (the white bordered number nine cards are wild), the circuit continues, the player gets a point and does not have to drink. If the circuit is broken, the player takes a drink and play continues. At the end of the game, keep the longest circuit on the table face up. Put all of the other cards in a face down pile.

    The Long Road Home – each player gets one chance to walk the road (which was the longest circuit). Starting with the first card on the road, the player says whether the top card on the pile is higher or lower than the face up card. If he is correct, he moves to the next card on the road. If he is wrong, he takes a drink and has to start over. If he completes the road before the deck runs out, he gets five points. Every player gets the same chance to walk the road. The highest total score after this game wins.

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