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Caloric Consequences
Caloric Consequences
by (Web published) (2007)
Player Count
2 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
30 minutes
  • Educational
  • Mature / Adult
  • Designers
  • Aaron Zachmeier
  • Teri Little
  • Sarah Baha
  • Mechanisms
  • Dice Rolling
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    Object of the Game

    The goal of the game is to have the fewest calories after moving around the board one time. Each player must reach the finish, or “Lights Out,” and the player with the fewest calories at “Lights Out” is the winner.

    The Game

    Caloric Consequences

    OBJECT: The object of Caloric Consequences is to get through a day of meals and activities (from Wake Up and Smell the Coffee to Lights Out) with the fewest total calories.

    SETUP: Place the cards in the appropriate places on the board and distribute one notepad, one pencil, and one game-piece to each player. The game is for 2–4 players, ages 21 and up.


    1. All players roll the die. The player with the highest roll goes first, then the turn passes to the right.

    2. All players start on Wake Up & Smell the Coffee.

    3. The active player rolls the die once during a turn and moves his or her piece according to the number indicated.

    4. The player to the left of the active player draws a card from the stack that corresponds to the space the active player lands on and reads the scenario and the options, NOT the calories.

    5. The active player MUST choose one of the options. (It can be assumed that all of the food and drink options on a card are of the same serving size.)

    6. The inactive player reveals the caloric value of the active player’s choice, and the active player records that value on his or her notepad. (Each player should total his or her calories after each turn. Players may use calculators.) The inactive player then reads the remaining caloric values.

    7. If a player lands on Free Time and chooses an activity to do right now, he or she MUST physically complete that activity.

    8. Play repeats according to the steps above.

    9. The first player to reach Lights Out deducts 100 calories.

    10. The game ends when all players reach Lights Out. An exact roll of the die is NOT necessary to reach Lights Out.

    11. To Win: The player with the lowest number of calories wins.

    12. In the case of a tie, the winner can be determined with one of the following methods: flip a coin, roll the die, pushup contest, arm-wrestling, rock-paper-scissors, thumb-war, draw straws, or staring contest.

    OPTIONAL: Players may calculate the excess calories they consumed in a day and estimate how much weight they would gain in a year if they made the same choices in life that they made in the game with the equations below:

    total calories – 2,000 = excess daily calories

    excess daily calories x 365 ¸ 3,500 = yearly weight gain

    LONG GAME: Play can be lengthened by circling the board more than once.

    CARD GAME: To play as a card game, players take turns reading cards to each other, reading one card per turn, going in order from Breakfast to Dinner. Players choose options and calculate calories as in regular play.

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