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Burma: The Forgotten War, 1943–1944
Burma: The Forgotten War, 1943–1944
by RBM Studio (2022)
Player Count
1 to 2

Player Ages

Playing Time
6 hours to 1 minutes
  • Wargame
  • World War II
  • Designers
  • Mark Herman
  • Mechanisms
  • Campaign / Battle Card Driven
  • Hex-and-Counter
  • Simulation
  • Dice Rolling
  • Grid Movement
  • Artists
  • Rodger B. MacGowan
  • Family
  • Country: India
  • Country: Burma
  • Country: Japan
  • Country: China
  • Magazine: C3i
  • Players: Two Players Only Wargames
  • Rating: 8.17/10 from 6 users


    Following in the footsteps of C3i Nr30's South Pacific, Burma: The Forgotten War is a new Empire of the Sun standalone scenario module focused on the conflict in the China-Burma-India WWII theater from mid-1943 to its savage conclusion at the Battle of Imphal-Kohima in 1944.

    Published in C3i magazine nr. 35

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