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2 to 4
  • Action / Dexterity
  • Sports
  • Designers
  • Adrian Adamescu
  • Bobby West
  • Adam Horvath
  • Artists
  • Apolline Etienne
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  • Sports: Wrestling
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    Teams of the most entertaining and tenacious wrestlers from across the world throw down in the ring. Many will tussle, but only one challenger will win the coveted belt. This... is... Bodyslam!

    Bodyslam is a wrestling-themed dexterity game, where players compete by attempting to knock wrestling figures out of a ring. At the start of the game, each of the four countries—France, Japan, Mexico, and the USA—receives a special scoring card to determine how points are awarded for their wrestlers at the end of the game. Each country's team has four of a uniquely-shaped wrestling mask, representing that country's wrestlers—these are all kept together in a bag. Set up the game by flipping over the box, placing the wrestling mat on top, and placing three random wrestling figures onto the mat.

    To play, players choose one wrestler at random out of the bag and throw, drop, toss, fling, or launch it at the other wrestlers already in the ring. Knock off other wrestlers to add them to your pile, but be careful—if the piece you throw falls off as well, everything that fell returns to the bag. Signature Move cards restrict the way players can throw; successfully pull off a signature move to get another turn right away.

    Once a player has thrown and collected any wrestlers that fell out of the ring, they make sure there are at least 3 wrestlers in the ring; if not, they draw more from the bag to place however they want into the ring. Then the next player goes, and the round continues until there are no more wrestlers in a bag. Each wrestler a player has in their pile is worth one point, with extra points awarded based on how their wrestlers relate to each country's score card. The winner of a round earns a belt; earn two belts to win!

    -description from publisher

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