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There is a solitaire version where one player tries to get rid of all the pieces in a single sitting.


Hexagonal playing board with 486 triangles on the board
4 sets of 22 pieces in red, blue, green and yellow

  • 1 piece made up of one triangle.
  • 1 piece made up of two triangles.
  • 1 piece made up of three triangles.
  • 3 pieces made up of four triangles.
  • 4 pieces made up of five triangles.
  • 12 pieces made up of six triangles.

Set up:

Layout your hexagonal silver board and give each player a set of 22 pieces.

Game Play:

Each player begins at one of the marked spaces on the board. The order of play is blue, yellow, red, green colours.
As the play progresses, each new piece is placed on the board. The new piece placed must touch another piece of the same colour, and it can only touch corner-to-corner or corner-to-edge. The constraint is that a piece can never touch another piece of the same colour edge-to-edge.

When a player cannot place any more pieces on the board (either because they are blocked and can't fit any more, or because they have already placed all of their pieces), they must drop out of the game. The other players continue until no one is able to place any more pieces on the board.


At the end of the game, each player must count the number of triangles that they were unable to place on the trigon board, and calculates their score as follows:

  • Each triangle that is not placed on the board counts as a negative point.
  • 15 points are awarded as a bonus, if the player has all 22 pieces placed on the board.
  • This bonus increases to 20 points if the 22 pieces were placed on the board with the single triangle piece being placed last.

Players can choose to play multiple rounds and keep a running tally of the scores. The winner is the person with the maximum points!

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