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Black Flag
Black Flag
by All Or None Games
Player Count
2 to 6

Player Ages

Playing Time
45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Pirates
  • Family
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    Black Flag is a nautical theme game, in the game you can choose your role, recruit crew, transport goods, and expand the fleet to dominate the Caribbean.


    Character card
    Pirate: Each time you recruit a crew member, you can get one extra person.
    Businessman: Each trade will get an extra 5 gold.
    Governor: Can station one or more ships in the port, When a ship is stationed, all income from transactions in the port is attributed to you.

    Ship card
    Heavy cruiser: 30HP 3DMG 3RNG 1SPD
    Light destroyer 20HP 3DMG 1RNG 3SPD
    10G to repair well

    Goods Card
    Wood 1G Land-Island 3G
    Sugar 1G Island-Land 3G
    Drapery 2G Land-Island 7G
    Rum 1G/5bucket (Each crew member consumes one piece per round)

    Ship Equipment Card
    Speed card: +1 SPD
    Shield card: +3 HP
    Cannon card: +2 DMG

    Crew Card
    Used for ship-to-board warfare

    How To Play
    Choose a ship as your lead ship (Fleet speed depends on the speed of the leader ship)
    Initially you will get 100G
    Choose your own birth port
    In your turn you can choose to move, buy goods, buy/repair ship and attack other players' fleets.

    Combat system
    Sea War: Cannon attack between fleets, If the HP of the ship is to zero, it will be sunk.
    Ship-to-board warfare: Close to the enemy fleet, you can board the enemy ship for close combat. Offset the crew, and the more people win.

    How To Win
    I.Destroy other players
    II.Businessman can earn 1500G to win
    III.The governor can occupy 8 ports and win

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