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Things From Another World
Puzzle Master
by Gaia Game Studios (2016)
Player Count
2 to 6

Player Ages

Playing Time
45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Medical
  • Designers
  • Andrew Gaia
  • Artists
  • Andrew Gaia
  • Family
  • Crowdfunding: Kickstarter
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    Description from the publisher:

    Just beneath the surface, where few are brave enough to venture, there is a war raging out of control. You are a biologically engineered "Super-Bug", and must fight for survival. Dive inside the human body to experience the combative microcosm inside all of us.

    Basic Overview

    Bio-Logic is a fast-paced, hybrid tile-placement/dungeon crawler game that allows 2-6 players to infect and manipulate the world around them for ultimate domination. 6 unique "Super-Bugs" are pitted against one another in a battle to the death, inside the human body. Your goal is to infect as much of the body as possible and destroy all the other invasive Bugs. Ensure your survival by utilizing choice character development, performing combat, and strategizing tile placement. The game's system is balanced enough for anyone to jump in. At the same time, it's deep enough to offer, nearly, infinite potential for strategy. In Bio-Logic, resources are limited and foes are many, so you must adapt and evolve or you will certainly fade from existence.

    Unique Character Development

    All players begin with a choice stat bonus and a special inherent traits These traits can grant special boosts and bonus rewards, manipulate player or enemy stats, or protect oneself from the reactive world. Every Bug has its own advantage/strategy with the capacity to evolve new abilities.

    Combat/Infecting....Vs. World, Vs. Players

    Developing ones Bug, involves infecting the world around you for stat boosting rewards. Some tiles are infected instantly. However, greater rewards are reserved for combat. Those who attempt to infect the vital organs, must use combat. There are 3 levels of tiles for a player to choose from as they grow. Each tier offers greater obstacles but with greater rewards for the victor.

    Players also have the option of fighting one another to steal resources and abilities. Some Bugs are better made for this than others. You can use this feature to sabotage the lead players advance, steal your favorite choice abilities, or monopolize a tile type. Bio-Logic is all about choice and strategy, but you must push forward at all costs, for hesitation will bring only certain defeat.

    Tile-Placement/World Manipulation

    While building your character and fighting for resources, the human you infect is also attempting to eradicate you. Special enemy tiles have the ability to instantly alter many in-game stats. But it's not totally out of your control, you have a choice in how you reveal the board. The way you place tiles plays a big role in how the game progresses. Some enemies have effects that can activate as soon as the tile is put into play, while others wait until they are infected to cause a reaction. Not only does your development need attention, but so does the evolving world in which you live. Bio-Logic is always changing and you must learn to adapt if you are to survive.

    Final Words

    Bio-Logic takes you into an environment unlike any other. With 3 random draw piles, choice tile placement, special abilities, and limited resources no game is ever the same. On any given turn you must make decisions that affect the entire game world, altering everyone's future. It's a delicate dance where you must evaluate every aspect of development to ultimately claim victory over your friends. In Bio-logic, you must master your universe or get wiped from existence.

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