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Big Deal Card Games
Big Deal Card Games
by Patch Products (2007)
Player Count
2 to 6

Player Ages

Playing Time
20 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Bluffing
  • Word Game
  • Memory
  • Mechanisms
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • Set Collection
  • Simultaneous Action Selection
  • Memory
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Family
  • Animals: Rats
  • Patch Big Deal series
  • Rating: 0/10 from 0 users


    A boxed set of six card games:

    Bang! Zoom!

    Players start with six cards each, which are used to spell words. The first person to spell BANG gets a 10 point bonus. Once this occurs, when someone spells ZOOM, they get a 10 point bonus and the game ends. Points are scored for each letter used in words. The winner is the player with the most points.


    You’ve got to be sharp. You’ve got to be shifty. Announce which cards you’re laying face down. Whether you tell the truth is up to you. Any player can then question your honesty. If they’re right - you get the pile, if they’re wrong - they do! First player to get rid of all their cards wins.


    Kid's game of pure luck. Cards are dealt face down to all players. Turn up cards in rotation and put them in the center; if you turn up a Big Fat Rat (rather than a Random Rat), you get all the cards in the center, unless the next player can also turn up a BFR. Object is to collect all the cards.

    Royal Fluster

    Players are dealt five cards from a modified standard deck and attempt to put together a Royal Flush by drawing and discarding cards. If you discard an Ace, you must draw a Fluster card and follow the instructions, hoping not to be harmed. The first player to make a royal flush wins the game.


    Each player deals 4 stacks with 7 down and the 8th card up. Play with only one hand (right, unless left-handed). At the same time, all players turn one card from the remaining deck face up in the center to start N piles. All may add to any pile. Ignore suits and colors. Build up or down, and change directions if you want: 5-6-7-6-7-6-7-8-9, etc. Numbers make a complete circle: 10-J-Q-K-A-2-3-4. Play only one card at a time from the top of of a stack onto a center pile; do not move cards sideways to create sequences on own stacks. Keep playing until ALL have used all their card piles.

    Three Throws

    This game has a theme of rock-scissors-paper. It is played in two different rounds. In the first round, players take turns turning up cards on a face-down tableau. If they turn up a set of winners, these cards are taken into hand. When all of the card possible are taken, the second round begins, which is essentially a game of war between players.

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