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Beyond the Sea
Beyond the Sea
by Dark Frontier Games (2020)
Player Count
1 to 3

Player Ages

Playing Time
1 hour to 3 hours
  • Card Game
  • Fantasy
  • Designers
  • Richard Davis
  • Family
  • Category: Sandbox
  • Rating: 0/10 from 0 users


    Beyond the Sea is a tactical combat roguelike deck-builder, with light survival, base building and role-playing mechanics, set in a persistent fantasy world. Players take on the role of an adventurer, exiled from their homeland, they journey to the new world beyond the sea. Working together players travel the world clearing out locations, from treacherous swamps to abandoned cities. In the process they will enhance their character with new abilities learnt by defeated foes and training with NPC's. They will also build a new home, that serves as a hub for characters to return to in-between scenarios, this home can also be developed and allows the characters to advance their attributes.

    This is an open-ended adventure game, designed to be played over many sessions. Before each scenario, similar to a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, players will choose where and how the story continues. They then build and prepare their characters for that journey. Scenarios are cooperative, where players will fight against automated foes that use a unique card system to determine their actions and skills. These Scenarios are played on large maps with many enemies.

    Each player has their own deck, and building and optimizing this deck is part of the game. You start each of your turns by drawing up a number of cards to your hand, and you'll play them all in any order you choose. Cards can be skills, actions, abilities or generated resources. Used cards are placed in a face up discard pile, and when you need to draw a card and your decks empty, you shuffle your discard pile to form a new deck. As players progress through the world, they will acquire new cards to add to their hand and each player's deck and strategy's will develop as the game unfolds. After finishing a scenario, players return to their home to upgrade, swap cards, reconfigure their party and choose their next destination on the world map.

    In Beyond the Sea, players create their own goals through the choose your own adventure story elements. Characters can also be taken into other players worlds where they will be able to share information about specific skill, NPC and trainer locations.

    —description from designer

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