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It was 2012 when the Mayans predicted the end of time, but few listened and prepared for the inevitable. Almost without warning, the Fall of Man came to pass and Man ended his dominion of the Earth with a whimper. Continents were erased, new seas formed, and only a very unlucky few survived the apocalypse. The angle and orbit of the planet had changed, and the only habitable areas remaining on Earth are between the 30th and 45th parallel. As the Earth slowly dies, burning under a closer Sol, the remaining inhabitants struggle to survive.

70 years have passed since the Fall, and what was once the western seaboard of the United States is the last bastion of humanity on the planet. New settlements have grown over the ashes of the old, the largest being the Free Republic of Phoenix. Phoenix has grown and prospered, its guarded, high walls protecting it from the hazards of the open wastes. Phoenix is the center of the world now, having formed political alliances with many of the remaining settlements, providing electricity and protection in the form of its Centurions in return for manpower, goods, and food. Ruled by an elected dictator, its laws are strong and absconders are dealt with harshly, but life in the wastes is harsher. Providing tens of thousands a stable life, Phoenix truly is the last hope for civilization, but not everyone wants civilization.

The Anarchists, as the Phoenicians call them, are made up of freedom loving people that will bow to no man’s law but their own. Cut off from the much-needed electricity and fresh water produced in Phoenix, they scavenge the lands as their ancestors did, killing anyone that they encounter to survive. In a perpetual state of conflict with Phoenix and their merciless Centurion warriors, and led by their High Priest or Mor, they will stop at nothing until Phoenix falls and the Free Cities are allowed to be truly Free.

Your adventure begins with the high council of your small, Northwestern village calling you, one of its strongest, bravest citizens to the village hall. The council tells its chosen ones that the city generator has begun to fail and that you must find and recover a suitable replacement within 30 days or your people will perish and your village with fall to the wastes. Not knowing where to begin and provisioned only with what your village could spare, you set off into the wastes.

Beyond The Fall is a post-apocalyptic game of survival where players must make their way south to Phoenix before running out of food or being killed by Anarchists, starvation, or the wasteland itself. Along your way you will come upon settlements where you may barter or desperate men who may try to kill you. The wastes are an inhospitable place for the weak, and only your strength, courage, and your choices will carry you through safely.
You may undertake missions which will reap glory and rewards, may perform acts of courage that will craft your story into legend, or you may take up the cause of the Anarchists who wish to defile and rape the lands for their own benefit. The choice is yours.

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